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Mitchell Releases RepairCenter Connect

Mitchell International has announced the release of RepairCenter Connect. The new solution streamlines communications between insurance companies and collision repair shops by allowing any shop, even those outside DRP networks, to receive an appraisal assignment from an insurance company.

By simplifying assignment retrieval and automatically consolidating the important artifacts into Mitchell WorkCenter, RepairCenter Connect contains all the functionality necessary for insurers to expand their body shop network to include the 16,800 non-DRP shops in the U.S. As a result, work can be shifted to more cost-effective channels, without the manual communications that often increase chances for error and create more inefficiencies.

“Two important industry drivers – efficiency and cost – played a major role as Mitchell sought to improve the often slow, manual communications required when insurers work with out-of-network shops on a claim,” said Jesse Herrera, senior vice president, Product Management and Customer Experience. “With RepairCenter Connect, the same tools work for any shop, allowing even low-volume and out-of-network shops to receive assignments and upload artifacts. It is part of Mitchell’s ongoing commitment to increase efficiency within the claim and repair process.”

For shops already using Mitchell software for communication with insurance companies, the experience will be seamless. They can receive assignments and upload estimates and supporting documents in their current platform. Shops not using Mitchell software are directed to an intuitive, Web-based portal for assignment needs, allowing for a simple transition that improves overall processes for insurers’ needs.

RepairCenter Connect is fully integrated with Mitchell WorkCenter, an open, modular, and end-to-end physical damage claims settlement solution. 

More information:

Mitchell RepairCenter

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