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Building a Great Workplace

Hank Nunn

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We should all strive to create a “great workplace.” Don’t we all want our people to trust us and enjoy their work? Shouldn’t we foster a work environment that creates internal motivation to do the right thing? Certainly!

So why don’t most organizations do it? Usually we think of the things we must do to create a great workplace as “HR” stuff and don’t have time for it. Larger facilities and MSOs have a human resources person or department, whereas smaller facilities may “do it yourself” or use a consultant to dot the i’s and cross those human resource t’s.  

Many think HR means completing employment forms, conducting reviews and writing up employees so that there is adequate documentation in an employee’s file when we decide to fire them. This common perception certainly does not foster a great workplace!

Great owners and managers rely on HR. We need to make sure the legal stuff is complete and accurate. But these owners and managers understand that building the great workplace requires constant effort. The reward is a positive work environment where people come to work because they want to!

There is plenty of information out there on creating a great workplace. Google “great workplace” and you’ll find lots of websites, consultants and books on the subject.

I’ve been receiving some valuable great workplace training from an unlikely teacher, and he’s now a great friend. Let me tell you about John.

John is a large, untrained, one-and-a-half-year-old pit bull mix that currently lives at the county dog shelter where I volunteer. John was assigned to me as a training project. My job? Try to make John more adoptable and safe. I’m not a dog trainer, but since the program is overseen by a professional trainer and I’ve been a management trainer for 25 years, I figured I could do this.

John has been reminding me of some basic concepts used to create the great workplace.

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