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New NSF Aftermarket Collision Parts Distributor Certification Program Would Enable Recall System

NSF International is developing an aftermarket collision parts distributor certification program that it says will close the gap in the supply chain between part manufacturers and body shops by enabling complaint and recall processes for defective parts. The Automotive Body Parts Association (ABPA) is working with NSF to create the program, which is scheduled to launch in the first quarter of 2011. ABPA and NSF announced the program at this week's NACE show in Las Vegas.

The NSF Automotive Aftermarket Collision Parts Distributor Certification Program will be open to all distributors and cover all parts sold by the distributor, both certified and non-certified. The program is meant to serve collision repair shops, insurers and consumers, NSF says.

To be certified, distributors must have:

• An ISO 9001 certified quality management system
• A complaint process for defective parts
• The ability to recall structural parts

All distributors meeting NSF's certification requirements will be authorized to use the NSF Mark on packaging and other materials and be listed on the NSF website.

“The NSF Automotive Aftermarket Collision Parts Distributor Certification Program closes the gap between the parts manufacturer and the body shop by ensuring that certified distributors have the procedures in place to address traceability and quality issues,” said Bob Frayer, director of NSF International's Automotive Aftermarket Certification Programs and NSF's Engineering Laboratories. "The new program will complement the existing NSF Automotive Aftermarket Parts Certification Program, which verifies that automotive aftermarket part meets rigid quality, safety and performance standards in terms of form, fit and function.”

Distributors must undergo ongoing facility inspections to remain certified, NSF noted.

“As an industry, we believe there is a great need for top quality, independent entrepeneurs to povide a competitive choice for the collision repariers and their customers,” said ABPA Board Chairman Charlie Hogarty. “This new NSF program raises the bar and assures that those who comply can provide the kind of quality service the collision industry deserves.”

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