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Gunder's Claims State Farm Altered Prevailing Rate Survey

Gunder's Auto Center, which recently filed an appeal with the United States Supreme Court in its slander/tortious interference case against State Farm, is now claiming that documents surrendered to the court prove State Farm altered information provided by Gunder's on paint materials in its prevailing rate survey.

Gunder's claims that it completed and submitted the survey on Sept. 29, 2009, answering "Yes" to the question, "Do you use an automated paint materials rate calculator?" and leaving a blank when asked for "rate charged for paint materials." It also listed 15 employees for "shop capacity."

However, Gunder's claims the documents demanded in the court's order show that the shop capacity was changed to 10, the answer to "Do you use an automated paint materials calculator" was changed to "No," and a rate of $26 per refinish hour for materials was listed next to "rate charged for paint materials."

"I'm confident that this is not an isolated incident and that this is the likely reason [State Farm] has failed to supply us all the surveys and other information as ordered by the court," said Ray Gunder, owner of Gunder's. "For years, across the entire country, monies have been withheld from repairers under the guise of the so-called survey and 'Prevailing Competitive Pricing' by State Farm and all those insurers who follow their lead. Such deceit and unethical business practices have earned State Farm many billions of dollars in unjust profits – billions that the consumer never received benefit of through proper and thorough repairs." 

More information:

Gunder's Files Appeal with U.S. Supreme Court

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