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What Are the Cost and Environmental Benefits of Switching to Waterborne?
2/23/2012 9:42:39 AM

I would like to know the cost benefits of switching to waterborne paint versus the thinner paint method we still use, along with the environmental benefits. We have the DuPont system currently.

Asked by Jan Hallee, David Mathieu Co. Inc., Waterville, Maine

DuPont Refinish offers a waterborne paint called Cromax Pro.  
Cost Benefits
For Cromax Pro, a key benefit is improved productivity. Nearly 90 percent of colors cover with 1.5 coats, which saves money and time with each vehicle. The wet-on-wet process means that Cromax Pro waterborne basecoat can be applied until full coverage is achieved without having to flash between coats - see the 5-step process image at right.

Environmental Benefits
Cromax Pro paint is water-based instead of solvent-based, which means it's better for the environment, less VOCs.

To view videos on Cromax Pro usage and customer testimonials, go to the DuPont Refinish YouTube page.

Or, learn more about DPC's waterborne offering here.

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Kristine Gallagher is Marketing Manager - Marketing Communications with DuPont Performance Coatings.

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