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"Legally speaking, how can insurance companies limit paint and materials charges?"
4/7/2014 10:19:44 AM
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Three lucky readers get their questions answered and win $50!
What exactly is SEO? How about an IP address? Here's a rundown of all the jargon you should know in order to improve your presence on the Web.
4/4/2014 2:35:44 PM
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Four prominent multi-shop operators discuss how they have financed their growth and the lessons they have learned along the way.
This year's NACE event is shaping up to be the biggest yet. We hope to see you on the snow floor!
Tom Hoerner, business solutions leader for BASF, discussed the paint manufacturer's Advanced Process Solutions at the VisionPlus Conference held March 10-11 in Clearwater, Fla.
3/24/2014 8:06:05 AM
Conference took place Feb. 20-23, 2014, in Scottsdale, Ariz., and saw a record turnout of attendees.
3/7/2014 11:53:01 AM
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Jon Bingham, owner of The Metal Surgeon in Denver, Colo., caters to a niche market by focusing exclusively on metal fabrication and preparation.
I hate being ignored. Yet it happens a lot at businesses I patronize. I walk in, and generally I'm left to look around when no one acknowledges or makes eye contact with me.
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When it comes to a website, you want to invest in something that will ultimately drive business to your shop. Free or cheap services may leave you disappointed.
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More and more shops are finding there is value to going green, not just because they want to be good stewards of the environment but because there's actually money in it.
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By educating and empowering customers via radio spots and organized classes, American Autobody has carved out a niche for itself in its market as a shop to trust.
Longtime collision industry veteran Dale Delmege lists common beliefs about running a business that he believes are flat-out wrong.
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Sometimes working with your family can be a challenge, but it can also be a blessing as these collision repair clans have discovered.
2/4/2014 2:25:28 PM
Launched by the OE Roundtable, educates consumers on technical information, various types of parts, repair rights and more.
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