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Home Uncategorized Ameriprise Launches ‘Shop of Choice’ Website for Collision Repair Industry

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Ameriprise Auto & Home Insurance has announced the launch of its new auto claims processing website for the
collision repair industry:

All collision repair shops that have Internet access will be
eligible to register on the site and participate in what Ameriprise calls "a more efficient and easy
way to submit vehicle repair estimates and supplements for processing and
approval." According to Ameriprise, project implementation is now underway and
will be completed over the next 90 days. 

Ameriprise says that online registration only takes 10 to 15 minutes, and once registered, participating shops can log into the site and submit
CIECA standard repair estimates from any one of the three major estimating
systems along with photos of the damage. Instructions
will be provided for each assignment.

The information submitted will be automatically imported into the
Ameriprise claims system and processed. Ameriprise claims that the new site:

• Does not require the
recreation of faxed or e-mailed estimates

• Removes the chance of
transcription errors

• Reduces the approval

By using the website, Ameriprise says that registered shops will be able to:

• Track the status of any
current or previous submissions

• Electronically
communicate with Ameriprise auto claims personnel without delay

• Easily initiate a
supplement request when needed

Ameriprise states that registering for and using its new claims website is the first step toward eligibility for shops that
would like to be considered for its VIP direct repair program when
expansion needs arise.

More information:

Register at Ameriprise’s Shop of Choice website

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Body Shop Business Staff Writers

Body Shop Business Staff Writers