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Smokin' Survey Results: Poll of ASE Techs by Valvoline

Hypothetically, if "The Mask's" Jim Carrey and Arnold "The Terminator" Schwarzenegger met to duke it out, who do you think would win? Make it a battle of brawn and there's no doubt who'd be left standing. But, make it a car-selling skirmish and the Fourth Annual Poll of the American Mechanic says Carrey would be smokin' (as his "Mask" character would say), bringing home the title of Best Used Car Salesman.

On the lighter side, the survey asked the top techs whose car they would prefer to service or repair. Beating out Princess Diana, Oprah Winfrey and Madonna, Demi Moore received 53 percent of the votes for mechanic's dream customer.

Other service-provider secrets revealed by the survey include:

  • Forty percent of automotive technicians agree that electric cars aren't likely to be mass produced for consumer use within the next 10 years. Despite the lack of sales support, 38 percent feel they're somewhat prepared to service and maintain electric cars.
  • When asked which items, if any, have they found inside or on a customer's car while servicing it, 98 percent of technicians confess to finding partially eaten food and dirty clothes. Trailing close behind - but not unnoticed - are money, found by 95 percent; personal letters or bills, 91 percent; personal hygiene items, 88 percent; a dead animal, 67 percent; and a live animal, 55 percent.
  • Eleven percent of technicians strongly agree that new and recently trained technicians from technical schools are adequately prepared to work as professional automotive technicians. Forty-four percent somewhat agree; 24 percent somewhat disagree; and 18 percent strongly disagree.
  • Not surprisingly, 99 percent of technicians feel that today's automotive technology is increasing the need for qualified automotive technicians. Surprisingly, 1 percent reported a decreasing need for qualified technicians, while another 1 percent believe that today's automotive technology is having no impact on the need for qualified technicians.

Writer Melissa Green is managing editor of BodyShop Business.

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