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Alcoa Expands R&D Center to Deepen Additive Manufacturing Capabilities

Alcoa announced it is expanding its R&D center in Pennsylvania to accelerate the development of advanced 3D-printing materials and processes. The company will produce materials designed specifical...

August, 2015

How They Work: Spray Guns

Technical: Plastic Repair

Technical: Aluminum - Just Another Change

Technical: Carbon Fiber Structural Repair - Black Magic?

Management: Taking Charge

Ask the Expert: Other Party's Negligence Caused My Rates to Go Up!

From the VP: So You Want to Open Up a Body Shop?

Web Presence Management: Great Lakes Ships and Dinosaurs

Clark's Corner: Tips for Selling Your Auto Body Shop

Publisher's Perspective: Yes Ma'am, General!

Editor's Notes: How About a Career in the Auto Body Industry, Son?

July, 2015

How They Work: Measuring Systems

Technical: The Details Matter When It Comes to Vehicle Badging and Labels

Technical: Making a Business Decision on Single-Sided Spot Welds

Personnel: Your Employees Are Not Expendable

Cover Story: Marketing with Social Media

Health & Safety: Avoiding Workplace Accidents

Ask the Expert: How Do I Get an Insurer to Pay for Proper Repairs?

From the VP: Make Training a Part of the Culture at Your Auto Body Shop

Web Presence Management: Top 10 Free Marketing and Social Media Podcasters

Clark's Corner: Body Shops and Aluminum, How Did We Get Here?

Publisher's Perspective: Danger, Will Robinson!

Editor's Notes: Car Heaven

June, 2015

How They Work: Refinishes

Show Preview: Burnin' Rubber

Technical: How 'Low' Will Shops Go?

Cover Story: 5 Tasks to Improve Shop Flow

Ask the Expert: Seeking OE Repair Guidelines

From the VP: HR - A Necessity for Growing Shops

Web Presence Management: Are You Maximizing Your Facebook Participation?

Clark's Corner: Protect Yourself Properly

Publisher's Perspective: Sometimes You Have to Set Aside the Urgent

Editor's Notes: Building Relationships

May, 2015

Business: Open Your Eyes

Operations: Forgotten Labor Part III

Shop Profile: Antibiotics to Auto Body

How They Work: Prep Stations

Technical: The Art of the Refinish

Ask the Expert: What Are My Options When an Insurer Denies a Supplement?

Health & Safety: Is Your Shop Ready for a Disaster?

From the VP: Selling Your Shop

Web Presence Management: Facebook's F8 Conference Offers a Glimpse of the Future

Clark's Corner: The Latest New Thing

Publisher's Perspective: Do You Have the Passion?

Editor's Notes: Another One Bites the Dust

April, 2015

Technical: Common Paint Prep Mistakes

Hand Tool Guide: Give Yourself a Hand

How They Work: Spraybooths

Reader's Choice: How Do I Make My Office Flow?

Reader's Choice: What Opportunities Exist for Women in the Collision Repair Industry?

Reader's Choice: What Does the Future Employment Picture Look Like for Entry-Level Techs?

Reader's Choice: What Do I Need to Get Started in Aluminum Repair?

From the VP: Solution Sales and Strategic Sales

Web Presence Management: Mobile-Friendly Sites are More Important Than Ever

Clark's Corner: Another One Leaves the Ride

Publisher's Perspective: It's An Awesome Responsibility

Editor's Notes: Look, Ma, No Hands!

Ask the Expert: Does a Lienholder's Rights Take Precedent Over a Mechanic's Lien?

March, 2015

Health & Safety: Training, It's a Good Habit

How They Work: Sanders

Technical: Bring on the Aluminum

The Problem with Color Series: Mastering Specialty Coatings

Cover Story: Automated Vehicle Technology: Threat Or Opportunity

Ask the Expert: What Can I Do to Get a Higher Labor Rate?

Web Presence Management: "Raisin" the Bar

Clark's Corner: Interacting With Customers

Publisher's Perspective: We Have Hit the Big Time

From the VP: Retention, Recruitment and Retraining

Editor's Notes: In the News...

February, 2015

Ask the Expert: Just Ask Me a Question

Publisher's Perspective: One Big Number

Editor's Notes: The Way We Do Things Around Here

Web Presence Management: I Think I Cann

From the VP: Financing Growth – Six Crucial Methods

How They Work: Spot Welders

The Problem with Color Series: How Did I Choose to Mix This?

Cover Story: What Does It Cost?

Technical: The Flip Side to Aluminum

Clark's Corner: Lighting, Air, Booth Filters and Signs

January, 2015

Technical: Looking Clearly Through the Glass Part III

Technical: Tricks of the Trade

How They Work: Frame Machines

The Problem with Color Series: The Fundamentals of Color

Health & Safety: A Matter of Record

Web Presence Management: Smile! You're On Camera... Or Should Be

Cover Story: Seeing Green

Publisher's Perspective: Give Me Just One!

Editor's Notes: Getting Paid for Aluminum Repairs

Clark's Corner: Enamel, Amaretto and Ill-Advised Repair Tactics

From the VP: Sales and Marketing in the 21st Century