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Follow the Leader

Interviewing prospective employees is kind of like drafting an NFL player: you can do all your homework and give a battery of tests to the candidates, but ultimately it’s a crapshoot. You just never...

December, 2014

Follow the Leader

Looking Clearly Through the Glass Part II

How Much Should You Pay Yourself?

November, 2014

Estimates: Waste of Time or Path to Profit?

Looking Clearly Through the Glass

Refresh Your Marketing

Tech Tips: What’s New in the Collision Industry?

A Glimpse Into the Future

Measuring Color

Sometimes I Forget

The SEMA Effect

October, 2014

Tackling Substance Abuse

Hitting for the Cycle

Rivet Bonding Comes Full Blast

Aluminum in the Paint Shop

Buying Tips: Air Compressors

Handy Social Media Guide

A Dealership Body Shop Manager's Woes

It's SEMA Time Again!

Can We Sustain?

September, 2014

Don't Forget the Small Things!

Have You Had Your Fiber?

Meet Our 2014 Executives of the Year

It Ain't the '70s Anymore

Tech Tips: Whistling Explorer is Off Key

Social Media: Word of Mouth Amplified

Switching Paint Brands

Detours: It's Good to Be Here

Lean: A Long Way to Go?

August, 2014

Building a Great Workplace

Mastering HR

Negotiations: A Strategic Approach

Taking Your Website to the Next Level

Rise, Fall and Rise Again of Aftermarket Crash Parts

My Car Is Back!

Where Is Trust Today?

July, 2014

Battling the Bigs

NACE/CARS in the Motor City

Ringing Up the Profits

Clean That Spraybooth!

The Perfect Storm

What Are Your Top Five Repairs?

Cybersecurity for Your Collision Repair Business

Does Your Shop "Wow" Customers?

It's Time for NACE/CARS!

Oh Deer!

June, 2014

Defying the Odds

Refinishes of the Present and Future

Profit in the Paint Shop Series: Spray Guns

How Are Your Shop's Welds?

Who Owns Your Domain Name?

Where Will the New Technicians Come From?

Recruiting New Technicians to the Collision Repair Industry

Is Your Shop a Good Place to Work?

May, 2014

Keeping the Faith

Profit in the Paint Shop Series: Maximum Efficiency

Are You Missing the Boat?

Viewpoint: Does Your Vehicle Have Better Technology Than Your Data?

Bumping Up Against Jeep Bumper Repairs

Marketing to Millenials

Think Before Adding an Extra Service to Your Collision Shop

The Fastest Body Shop in Town: Joe Gibbs Racing

Aluminum: Too Much Focus?

April, 2014

Profit in the Paint Shop Series: Anticipate the Blend... and Blend!

Reader's Choice 2014

Reader's Choice: Capping Paint and Materials

Reader's Choice: Treating Rust

Reader's Choice: Blind Spot Monitoring

Aluminum: Not Difficult, Just Different

Equip Yourself for Aluminum

Can You Afford to Expand?

R&I of Glass: Can You Afford to Wait?

Buying Tips: Spraybooths

Web Lingo 101

Using Heat to Improve Your Cycle Time

Detroit: The Heart of the Auto Industry

All In For Aluminum

March, 2014

VIDEO: BASF's Advanced Process Solutions

Auto Foam: Overlooked and Misunderstood

How Do I Get An Insurer to Pay My Posted Labor Rate?

PPG Hosts Successful Conference for Platinum Distributors

Going Green

Profit in the Paint Shop Series: The Lost Art of Masking

Shop Profile: American Autobody

The 10 Worst Ideas for Small Business Owners

Repairing New Metals

Free or Cheap Websites Aren't Your Best Bet

The Future of Paint Looks Bright

An Appointment with The Metal Surgeon

Don't Ignore Your Customers

February, 2014

Family Ties

MSO Focus: Load Leveling

Buying Tips: Frame Machines/Benches

MIG Brazing: A Learning Process

Profit in the Paint Shop Series: Sanding Fundamentals

Time for a NAP

Do the Math Before Accepting the Lowest Price

Detours: The Birth of the WaterCar Is Here

January, 2014

Owning the Customer

VIDEO: Origins of the National Auto Body Council

VIDEO: I-CAR 2014 Initiatives

What Keeps You Up At Night?

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

Profit in the Paint Shop Series: Sand Scratches and Pinholes

Tech Tips: This Ain't Your Father's Collision Repair Industry

Google Is Not Calling

Used Car Dippers and Dead Cats

Butler County Ford Body Shop Offers a Trip Down Memory Lane

The Shop: Jacob Nossaman of Collision Works