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Hustler Stick

The Hustler Stick from S&H Industries is indispensable when versatility of a chain hookup is needed around the shop. It aligns bumpers, panels, hoods, decks and brackets quickly and easily.  It ...

March, 2015

Training at Your Auto Body Shop: It's a Good Habit

How They Work: Sanders

Crash Goes the F-150

Mastering Specialty Coatings

Automated Vehicle Technology: Threat Or Opportunity

What Can I Do to Get a Higher Labor Rate?

"Raisin" the Bar

Interacting With Customers

The Collision Industry Hits The Big Time

Retention, Recruitment and Retraining

Anderson Cooper Takes on the Auto Insurance Industry, Kind of...

February, 2015

Just Ask Me a Question

How Can the Auto Body Industry Combat Insurance Lobbying Spending?

How Do You Do Things Around Your Body Shop?

Verifying Your Domain With ICANN

Financing Growth – Six Crucial Methods

How They Work: Spot Welders

How Did I Choose to Mix This?

What Does It Cost?

The Flip Side to Aluminum

Lighting, Air, Booth Filters and Signs

January, 2015

Looking Clearly Through the Glass Part III

Tricks of the Trade

How They Work: Frame Machines

The Fundamentals of Color

Safety Is Not Always Common Sense

Adding Video to Your Website Will Attract More Customers

Seeing Green

Set a Goal for 2015 and Stick to It

Getting Paid for Aluminum Repairs

Enamel, Amaretto and Ill-Advised Repair Tactics

Sales and Marketing in the 21st Century