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NAPDRT and PDR Nation Unite in Renouncing Farmers Insurance Policy Regarding Hail Catastrophe Claims

The president of the National Alliance of PDR Technicians (NAPDRT), Tommy Clayton, was quoted today as saying “The NAPDRT strongly objects to the new policies issued by Farmers Insurance regarding h...

July, 2015

How They Work: Measuring Systems

Technical: The Details Matter When It Comes to Vehicle Badging and Labels

Technical: Making a Business Decision on Single-Sided Spot Welds

Personnel: Your Employees Are Not Expendable

Cover Story: Marketing with Social Media

Health & Safety: Avoiding Workplace Accidents

Ask the Expert: How Do I Get an Insurer to Pay for Proper Repairs?

From the VP: Make Training a Part of the Culture at Your Auto Body Shop

Web Presence Management: Top 10 Free Marketing and Social Media Podcasters

Clark's Corner: Body Shops and Aluminum, How Did We Get Here?

Publisher's Perspective: Danger, Will Robinson!

Editor's Notes: Car Heaven

June, 2015

How They Work: Refinishes

Show Preview: Burnin' Rubber

Technical: How 'Low' Will Shops Go?

Cover Story: 5 Tasks to Improve Shop Flow

Ask the Expert: Seeking OE Repair Guidelines

From the VP: HR: A Necessity for Growing Shops

Web Presence Management: Are You Maximizing Your Facebook Participation?

Clark's Corner: Protect Yourself Properly

Publisher's Perspective: Sometimes You Have to Set Aside the Urgent

Editor's Notes: Building Relationships

May, 2015

Business: Open Your Eyes

Operations: Forgotten Labor Part III

Shop Profile: Antibiotics to Auto Body

How They Work: Prep Stations

Technical: The Art of the Refinish

Ask the Expert: What Are My Options When an Insurer Denies a Supplement?

Health & Safety: Is Your Shop Ready for a Disaster?

From the VP: Selling Your Shop

Web Presence Management: Facebook's F8 Conference Offers a Glimpse of the Future

Clark's Corner: The Latest New Thing

Publisher's Perspective: Do You Have the Passion?

Editor's Notes: Another One Bites the Dust

April, 2015

Technical: Common Paint Prep Mistakes

Hand Tool Guide: Give Yourself a Hand

How They Work: Spraybooths

Reader's Choice: How Do I Make My Office Flow?

Reader's Choice: What Opportunities Exist for Women in the Collision Repair Industry?

Reader's Choice: What Does the Future Employment Picture Look Like for Entry-Level Techs?

Reader's Choice: What Do I Need to Get Started in Aluminum Repair?

From the VP: Solution Sales and Strategic Sales

Web Presence Management: Mobile-Friendly Sites are More Important Than Ever

Clark's Corner: Another One Leaves the Ride

Publisher's Perspective: It's An Awesome Responsibility

Editor's Notes: Look, Ma, No Hands!

Ask the Expert: Does a Lienholder's Rights Take Precedent Over a Mechanic's Lien?

March, 2015

Health & Safety: Training, It's a Good Habit

How They Work: Sanders

Technical: Bring on the Aluminum

The Problem with Color Series: Mastering Specialty Coatings

Cover Story: Automated Vehicle Technology: Threat Or Opportunity

Ask the Expert: What Can I Do to Get a Higher Labor Rate?

Web Presence Management: "Raisin" the Bar

Clark's Corner: Interacting With Customers

Publisher's Perspective: We Have Hit the Big Time

From the VP: Retention, Recruitment and Retraining

Editor's Notes: In the News...

February, 2015

Ask the Expert: Just Ask Me a Question

Publisher's Perspective: One Big Number

Editor's Notes: The Way We Do Things Around Here

Web Presence Management: I Think I Cann

From the VP: Financing Growth – Six Crucial Methods

How They Work: Spot Welders

The Problem with Color Series: How Did I Choose to Mix This?

Cover Story: What Does It Cost?

Technical: The Flip Side to Aluminum

Clark's Corner: Lighting, Air, Booth Filters and Signs

January, 2015

Technical: Looking Clearly Through the Glass Part III

Technical: Tricks of the Trade

How They Work: Frame Machines

The Problem with Color Series: The Fundamentals of Color

Health & Safety: A Matter of Record

Web Presence Management: Smile! You're On Camera... Or Should Be

Cover Story: Seeing Green

Publisher's Perspective: Give Me Just One!

Editor's Notes: Getting Paid for Aluminum Repairs

Clark's Corner: Enamel, Amaretto and Ill-Advised Repair Tactics

From the VP: Sales and Marketing in the 21st Century