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Pro Spot Hosts Craftsman Collision Team at Carlsbad, Calif., Headquarters

The managers of Craftsman Collision toured Pro Spot’s manufacturing plant, checked out new products and grabbed lunch with the Pro Spot team.


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Pro Spot International announced that it recently hosted the Craftsman Collision management team at Pro Spot’s headquarters and manufacturing facility in Carlsbad, Calif.

The managers of Craftsman Collision stopped by on their annual manager’s conference to visit Pro Spot. They toured the manufacturing plant, checked out new products and grabbed lunch with the Pro Spot team.

“Our team was extremely excited to see how our equipment is constructed and assembled and the new products being sold,” said Rick Hatswell, Craftsman Collision chief operating officer. “The managers were able to see the innovation and quality built into the products to add confidence to our operations and quality of repair.”

Added Ashley Olsson, Pro Spot director of communications, “On the tour, they were able to see how we make our products from start to finish. They saw where engineering designs the latest Pro Spot products, the machine shop and sheet metal shops that create the parts from scratch, all the way to final testing, shipping and training.”


After a renovation, Pro Spot added almost 10,000 square feet to its plant and expanded their training classroom and workshop.

“We were extra happy to host Craftsman Collision as they were the first to enjoy the new space we’ve designed for industry and product training,” said Olsson. “A big thank you to Craftsman Collision, and we welcome you back any time!”

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