2021 BSB Year in Review: Top Product Launches (VIDEO)

2021 BSB Year in Review: Top Product Launches (VIDEO)

Jason Stahl and Nadine Battah count down the top product launches of 2021.

Number 10 is BendPak Introduces Patriot Series American-Made Air Compressors

BendPak introduced the new Patriot Series, a full line of efficient, industrial-strength air compressors for any shop or home garage that are made in the U.S.A.

Number 9 is Axalta Introduces New High-Performance Urethane DTM Primer

Axalta announced the launch of Imron Industrial high-performance urethane direct-to-metal primer, an innovative primer to support the agriculture, construction and earthmoving equipment market segments.

Number 8 is PPG Introduces Waterborne Low-Gloss Clearcoat System

PPG announced the launch of its 2.1 Low VOC Matte and Semi-Gloss Clearcoats for use with the Envirobase High Performance basecoat system in the U.S. and Canada, ideal for performing refinish repairs on low-gloss finishes offered on such vehicles as Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Fiat and Lamborghini.

Number 7 is SATA Introduces SATAjet X 5500 True Soul Spray Gun

SATA introduced the new SATAjet X 5500 True Soul, a spray gun designed by well-known American airbrush artist Leah Gall featuring a wild, beautiful and vivid design.

Number 6 is Dent Fix Launches Improved Body Line Tool

Dent Fix Equipment launched the DF-BL10XL, the next evolution of their popular Body Line Tool that allows technicians to recreate the perfect body line tracing around extended wheel arches and other body lines.

Number 5 is Clore Automotive Introduces Updated PRO-LOGIX Battery Charger

Clore Automotive introduced the updated Model No. 1002, a 1.5-amp 12-volt underhood battery charger/maintainer from SOLAR, a perfect underhood battery charger/maintainer for busy fleets, specialty equipment owners and enthusiasts alike.

Number 4 is Steck Introduces New Inner Race Hub Saver

Steck Manufacturing’s new Inner Race Hub Saver is a 6-inch steel cone with an integrated bearing in its base to allow a technician to place the hub on the tip of the cone and rotate the hub with one hand while applying heat from an oxyacetylene torch.

Number 3 is CalPro ADAS Solutions Launches ADAS IdentiScan Product

CalPro ADAS Solutions announced the launch of its new ADAS IdentiScan product, which delivers detailed information and guidance to collision shops so they can efficiently and effectively manage the estimation and repair process by identifying the ADAS systems and required calibrations.

Number 2 is FrogTape Introduces New Line of Performance Masking Tapes

The FrogTape brand introduced a family of performance masking tapes geared for peak performance in the most challenging marine, industrial, transportation and automotive coating applications.

Number 1 is Rotary Announces New R1090 Pro 3D Alignment System

The new R1090 Pro 3D Alignment System features a tower-free design and comes with a portable, space-saving cabinet that requires no dedicated bay, giving shops with limited space the flexibility needed to perform wheel alignments anywhere.

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