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3M Pattern and Solutions Center and 3M Paint Protection Film Program Welcome New Pattern Designer

The 3M Paint Protection Film team has introduced its newest pattern designer, Regan Brunner, formerly one of Xpel’s lead DAP product design managers.


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The 3M Paint Protection Film team has introduced its newest pattern designer, Regan Brunner, formerly one of Xpel’s lead DAP product design managers. His naturally acquired artistic aptitudes allowed him to become one of best pattern designers in the industry. Over eight years, Regan enhanced and refined his installation techniques to design pattern templates that provided the most optimal fit on vehicles.

“Making this addition to our global team at a time when the newest version of Pro Series has surpassed expectations and our digital marketing footprint is rapidly expanding truly shows 3M’s commitment to the paint protection film industry,” said Jon Hanbury, global business development manager. “3M’s focus has always been ‘customer first’ and by supplying top-quality patterns, combined with an exceptional product and marketing strategy, 3M will continue to drive phenomenal growth and development for our global customers.”


Added 3M Pattern and Solutions Center Manager Jake Culver, “The 3M PSC team strives to deliver best-in-class PPF software and patterns. The addition of Regan is the next step in our initiative to build an all-star team of industry experts. Regan will apply his specialized skillset and vast experience to our tireless pursuit of pattern perfection.”

Over the last year, 3M’s team has added over 350 new patterns, refined hundreds of current patterns and nearly doubled production, and added over 25 full vehicle patterns just in 2018 alone. 3M encourages collision repairers to log into their pattern library to see all of the changes they have made and try their 30-cut trial today at


“I have become highly proficient in determining how the properties of paint protection film dictate designing patterns to better fit the contours of a vehicle,” said Regan. “I’m eager to work with the latest Scotchgard Pro Series film to further develop the 3M pattern design philosophy with the already experienced 3M global team.”

Regan will be relocating to Dallas, Texas, where he will also be the 3M sales representative for the Texas and Oklahoma markets, working with the local 3M authorized distributor, Accent Distributing, to support growth in the installer and dealership customer base.

“With Regan’s skillset in pattern design, sales and installation training, he will be a perfect addition to our global Paint Protection Film Team,” said Mike Beaver, national sales manager for Aftermarket Paint Protection Film. “We’re excited to have Regan on our team to help us grow the PPF business. Regan is respected in the industry and his installation knowledge will help installers to improve their skills and bottom line.”

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