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A Master Plan: A Maintenance Schedule Checklist

Use this checklist as a starting point to tailor a maintenance schedule to fit your shop’s needs.


Because every shop differs – in processes, equipment and conditions – your maintenance schedule must be tailored to your shop’s specific requirements. When tailoring your plan, consider all your tools and your production cycle. Because some maintenance requires equipment to be out of commission, you’ll want to schedule work so it disrupts your shop as little as possible. With that said, here’s a starter schedule for you to create your own maintenance plan:

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After Each Use

  • Clean spray guns.

As Needed (depending on use)

  • Lubricate spray guns.
  • Check frame equipment components for leaks and lubricate moving parts.
  • Change booth ceiling filters.
  • Replace the desiccant in the air dryer.


  • Drain the air-compressor tank.
  • Check all hoses and fittings for leaks. If you hear a leak, check it out.
  • Sweep the floors and empty the wastebaskets.
  • Check the mixing machine visually. All the mixing lids should be turning.
  • Check any breathing air masks, hoses and related parts.



  • Clean the spray gun cleaner. Change the solvent in you gun washers and recycle the waste.
  • Change the booth floor filters.
  • Hose down the paint shop walls and floors.


  • Change the spraybooth furnace pre-filters.
  • Update the paint shop computer.
  • Check the air dryers and coalescers.
  • Remove and replace strippable spraybooth coating.
  • Change charcoal cartridges in respirators.
  • Pressure wash your spraybooth, if the design permits.
  • Change intake pre-filters and exhaust media in your spraybooth.



  • Change the oil in the air compressors.
  • Check all the paint shop lights.
  • Lubricate booth door hinges.
  • Clean any overspray off paint department lights.

Every Six Months

  • Check the belts on your compressors.


  • Calibrate booth thermometers and temperature controls.
  • Pressure wash the entire paint shop, including the walls, floors and booth top.
  • Have all fire extinguishers and fire-suppression systems inspected.
  • Review painter certifications. If updates are required, schedule them as soon as possible.

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