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A Tech’s Perspective: Overlooked Equipment

What equipment is consistently overlooked when it comes to maintenance – and why?


Writer Paul Bailey, a contributing editor to BodyShop Business, has been a collision repairman for more than 20 years and is an avid photographer, writer and artist. Currently at work on what he expects to be his first book, Bailey resides in Florida with his wife, Cathy.

“Frame machines and pulling equipment are often neglected,” says BSB contributing editor and technician Paul Bailey. “Instead of hand tightening bolts as manufacturers specify, many techs use impact wrenches to save time. Frame machines aren’t kept as clean as they should be, the hydraulic pumps are often low on oil and the pressure gauges don’t work. Without the pressure guages, a tech can’t keep track of the pressure of each pull he makes with the machine.

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“I’m a stickler, though,” says Bailey. “Most of my tools last for years. I hate to buy tools, but I have to so I take care of them. The main reason any tool is neglected is because of such a high demand for production placed upon us by body shop owners/managers. We’re always in a hurry to get things done.”

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