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AASP/NJ Executive Director Receives James Moy Award

At a special ceremony during the 2021 NORTHEAST Automotive Services Show, the Alliance of Automotive Service Providers of New Jersey (AASP/NJ) surprised Executive Director Charles Bryant by presenting him with this year’s James Moy Award for Dedication to the Automotive Industry. Bryant was “shocked and honored” to be recognized for his many contributions to the collision repair industry.

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AASP/NJ Past President Jeff McDowell, Executive Director Charles Bryant and Treasurer Tom Elder

When Moy, a beloved figure in the automotive repair industry, passed away in 2016, AASP/NJ partnered with Moy’s longtime friend and colleague Larry Montanez (P&L Consultants) to create this award as a way to honor a collision repair professional annually who has worked tirelessly to improve the industry for all.

“The James Moy Award was established after James’ passing for the sole purpose of honoring those who’ve gone above and beyond for our industry,” said Montanez. “Each year, we only consider people that we feel James would want to recognize, and we always select someone who is so outstanding that it’s beyond question why they’re being recognized. That’s certainly the case with choosing Charlie.


“We picked Charlie based on his years of advocating for consumers while working in a shop, as well as his success in expanding AASP/NJ since he became executive director; it’s mind-blowing what he’s been able to do with that association. He also created a handbook of state laws, rules, regulations and forms that is very beneficial for shops. Charlie has been a vital part of this industry for a long time, and he’s spent that time doing a lot of good for AASP/NJ and the industry as a whole.”

Added AASP/NJ Past President Jeff McDowell, “Given that James Moy dedicated a good part of his life to excellence in the collision repair industry and trying to bring the standard of repair up, there’s nobody better or more deserving than Charlie who has spent most of his adult life trying to do the same thing.”


“Receiving the James Moy Award means more to me than words can express,” said Bryant. “James was a fun-loving guy, other than when he was explaining the importance of restoring modern vehicles to their pre-accident condition. He was extremely passionate about helping other collision repair professionals do a better job for their customers. I will always remember James as a talented guy who constantly had a smile on his face, even in some quite difficult times. To be selected as the person to receive the James Moy Memorial Award makes me feel like all the work that I do to make things better is appreciated. In short, I am truly honored to be the one chosen to receive this award, and I will cherish it forever.”


For more information on AASP/NJ, visit aaspnj.org.

For more information on the NORTHEAST Automotive Services Show, visit aaspnjnortheast.com.

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