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AASP/NJ Guides Members through Auto Body License Renewals

With COVID-19 dramatically affecting collision repair businesses in New Jersey over the past several months, the Alliance of Automotive Service Providers of New Jersey (AASP/NJ) has been actively assisting several shops in ensuring that their auto body licenses will be renewed for the next two years.

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In July, the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) contacted the association to discuss the need for shops to file their renewal applications by Sept. 30. The commission followed up in mid-September by providing AASP/NJ a list of businesses that had not yet fulfilled the requirements for renewal. The association took immediate action, with Charles Bryant, executive director of AASP/NJ, working with several repair businesses in making sure they had compiled the necessary documentation and information to provide to the state.

“We assisted nearly three dozen shops that contacted the AASP/NJ Hot Line in getting their applications in order by reviewing what they already had, identifying missing items and providing other guidance when needed,” said Bryant. “We especially wanted to be available to help those members who were behind on things due to the demands placed on their businesses during this pandemic.”

According to MVC Spokesperson William Connolly, 1,250 body shop licenses had been renewed as of early November, while the commission is working with 112 licensees who submitted their applications but need to supply additional information to complete the process.

Connolly added that when an auto body repair facility license is not renewed on time, the licensee may have to submit an application for a new license. He also credits AASP/NJ for its response to MVC contacting them in the summer, assisting shops in not only hitting the deadline but also in meeting state requirements during a challenging time.


“Although we were disappointed that MVC did not offer extensions to license renewal this year to help shops impacted by COVID-19, we’re pleased to see so many shops in New Jersey rise to the challenge and successfully renew their licenses within the required time period,” said Bryant. “AASP/NJ is always available to serve as a resource for members who have questions or concerns in regard to licensing, and we expect to see the vast majority of the 112 shops still engaged in the process reach a final conclusion and remain licensed to operate in our state. I would caution anyone who hasn’t finalized the licensing process to do so immediately.”

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