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ABPA Joins California Coalition Opposing Product Liability Bill

The Auto Body Parts Association (ABPA) announced that it has joined a coalition that opposes California bill A.B. 3262.

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The ABPA states that A.B. 3262 would unfairly and arbitrarily apply strict product liability to online marketplaces, in a serious departure from well-established legal standards and public policy governing strict liability.

“The bill will stifle online marketplaces and the many small businesses that sell through them at a time when businesses are already under extreme pressure and when consumers appreciate and rely upon the choice and convenience these marketplaces provide,” ABPA said in a statement. “As many ABPA members sell their products on various online marketplaces, the effects could potentially be detrimental to their businesses.”

The ABPA has submitted a letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee for the hearing on 8/18, and the ABPA has been added to the floor alert that will go out to the entire Senate.

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