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ASA Solicits Top 10 Insurers on ‘Blend Within/Zone Refinish’ Issue


The Automotive Service Association’s board of directors and Collision Division Operations Committee have begun their second initiative as they continue to focus on refinish issues and the issues’ effects on collision repair facilities. ASA’s goal is to educate the industry, bring clearer understanding and – more importantly – resolve the issue relative to refinish times on damaged panels.

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Dan Risley, ASA’s president, has sent letters to the top 10 insurance carriers. The letter requests a written reply that states each company’s position regarding the reduction of refinish time on a repaired panel and solicits each company’s participation in creating a solution.

“This is a call to action for the entire industry,” said Risley. “It presents the perfect opportunity for all the industry stakeholders to work together, because it is the right thing to do. Repair facilities should be reimbursed for the labor and materials necessary to complete a safe, proper and quality repair. Reducing the refinish times (blend within/zone refinish) on repaired panels without any supporting documentation is ‘arbitrary’ and likely is a result of lack of knowledge and information. The irony of this situation is that it actually requires more labor and materials to properly refinish a repaired panel and blend within/zone refinish. We are optimistic that this issue will be resolved by the collaboration of all the industry stakeholders. ASA will continue to monitor the issue and provide updates as information is gathered.”

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