Assured Performance Launches ARC-Certified Shop Locator
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Assured Performance Launches Certified Body Shop Locator for Insurers

Insurers now have a secure portal designed to identify “certified-recognized” body shops that have the proper tools, equipment, training and facilities to repair vehicles to manufacturer specifications.


Assured Performance announced the creation and launch of an insurer-facing Advanced Repair Capability (ARC) Certified Shop Locator at The site, developed and managed by Assured Performance, lists body shops that are certified by Assured Performance and officially certified-recognized by the various participating auto manufacturers including Ford Motor Company, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA), Nissan North America and several other auto manufacturers. Now, for the first time, insurers will have a secure portal specifically designed to identify certified-recognized body shops that have the proper tools, equipment, training and facilities to repair their policyholders’ vehicles to manufacturer specifications for fit, finish, durability and safety.

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The site launch comes at an opportune time with the introduction of aluminum alloy into mainstream vehicles such as the 2015 Ford F-150. The shop locator uses a search capability driven by the following:

  • Year, make and model of the consumer’s vehicle;
  • The shop’s advanced material repair capability status; and/or
  • The shop’s official OE certification status.

This new insurer-facing site complements the consumer-facing websites Assured Performance manages and hosts, including and In addition, the participating automakers’ certified-recognized shop locators are integrated into their consumer-facing vehicle sales and service sites. All of the sites leverage the combined list of certified-recognized body shops.


“With the mass introduction of aluminum alloy and other advanced materials in the designs of the new vehicle models, it is critical to assist insurers with identifying the shops that have the technical ability,” said Aaron Clark, vice president of technical compliance for Assured Performance. “We’ve already seen evidence of what can happen when an untrained and ill-equipped shop is selected.”

Added Scott Biggs, CEO of Assured Performance, “The goal of our insurer-facing Advanced Repair Capability Shop Locator is to create an accurate and efficient way for insurers to identify the shops that have proven they meet the requirements and passed an annual on-site inspection audit. Now, insurers can easily see who they are.”


The ARC Certified shop locator is available to any insurer that chooses to use it. Certification is open to all shops that can meet the requirements. The Assured Performance criteria for “certification-recognition” are an accumulation of collision industry business standards and multiple OEM criteria focused solely on properly repairing the vehicle. Shops are able to become certified by Assured Performance and simultaneously certified-recognized by several of the largest auto manufacturers through one efficient technology-driven process, backed by on-site inspection audits at least annually. The collaborative approach saves shops repetitive fees and redundant equipment requirements. Once certified, the shops receive signs, marketing tools, and listings on multiple shop locators and smart apps.

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