Angelo DiTullio, Author at BodyShop Business
Increasing Sales: The Other Half of Succeeding at Your Shop

You can only cut expenses so much, but the opportunities for increasing sales are limitless.

Key to Business: Increasing Sales and Controlling Expenses

There’s a hole in your shop floor representing your expenses, and the only way to fill it is to generate gross profit. And that’s the key to success: increasing sales while controlling expenses.

Production: Navigating the Parts Procurement Minefield

Every department in your shop should have a process, and parts are no exception. Understanding the who, where and how is essential for achieving success.

13 Tips for Smoother Production

If you use the following 13 steps as a checkdown for each vehicle in your shop, cars will move much more efficiently through it.

Customer Relations: Who’s the Customer?

The vehicle owner has taken a backseat in today’s collision industry, and it’s time to put them back in their rightful place.

Production: Don’t Be a Bottleneck

Bottlenecks come in many shapes and sizes – paint booths, frame machines, even people. Here’s how to identify and fix them.

10 Things That Will Kill Cycle Time in Your Body Shop

These are 10 things that body shops do every day that make no sense in our industry and only serve to make us more inefficient and less profitable.

Safety Guide: Make Shop Safety a Top Priority

A shop that takes safety and its employees’ well-being seriously is going to have happier employees than a shop that does not.

Reader’s Choice: How Can We Stop Insurers Writing Estimates from Photos?

To me, there isn’t much difference between a photo-written estimate and a street-written estimate; they’re both inaccurate and will not be a basis for how I repair the vehicle.

Reader’s Choice: How Do You Respond to, ‘We Don’t Pay for That?’

In a normal business world, the statement “We don’t pay for that” could never and probably would never be made. But our world is far from perfect, so let me walk you through my mindset when faced with that answer…or should I say “non-answer.”

The Great Divide

The division among shops on how to properly repair a vehicle today is too great. Just because there are many different ways to repair a vehicle doesn’t mean you should try some of them.

Management: The Relentless Pursuit of Excellence

To get respect and be treated as a professional, you must master your craft and be a professional. So let’s set the bar high.