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Can a Technician Be Sued for an Improper Repair?

Can a body/frame technician be sued if a car is not repaired correctly but according to how the insurance company allows if somebody is hurt in that vehicle?

Is It Legal for an Insurer to Make My Customer Pay the Difference in My Rate and Their Preferred Rate?

An insurance company told my customer that she has to pay the difference between the $34 per hour they’re willing to pay and the $48 per hour I actually charge. The $34 per hour is their preferred shops’ rate. Is this legal?

Reader’s Choice: Post-Repair Inspections

“What are some things you look for in post-repair inspections? As a tech, I’m always looking to put out a better product. Also, I’m interested in getting into the field of auto appraisal, either insurance or classic cars.”

What Can I Do to Motivate a Shop to Fix a Botched Repair?

My ’05 Sentra underwent $4,500 worth of collision repairs and it ended up needing $5,000 worth of re-repairs. What can I do to motivate the at-fault shop to pay for a professional to repair the car correctly?

Is It Fair for Insurance Adjusters to Hand Out DRP Business Cards with Their Estimates?

Insurance adjusters in town are handing out DRP business cards along with their estimates to their customers. Is this a fair practice?

Can an Insurer Change from One State’s Labor Rate to Another State’s on an Estimate?

Can an insurance company change from the Rhode Island labor rate to the Massachusetts labor rate on an original estimate when they come out on my supplement in Massachusetts?

Who Should Pay the Parts Restocking Fee After a Total?

Who is responsible for paying the parts restocking fee after a vehicle is totaled by an insurance company?

When a Claimant’s Vehicle Is Declared a Total Loss, Who Is Responsible for the Storage Fees?

When a claimant’s vehicle is determined to be a total loss, who is responsible for the storage fees? I inquired with the at-fault insurer as to when they were going to pick up the vehicle, and they said, “We settled this claim with the claimant’s attorney as owner retain.”

Why Are the Discounts an Insurer Receives from a DRP Shop Not Shared with the Policyholder?

Most insurance companies consider the first dollars spent on a claim that’s paid to be the deductible. For example, in a claim with a $500 deductible, the customer would be required to pay the first $500, then anything above that would be covered in the insurance contract. In the event of a car being repaired under a direct repair contract where discounts are given, why are those discounts not shared with the policyholder?

How Do I Help My Customer When the Insurer Refuses to Pay?

I represent a high-end paint and body shop in Orlando, Fla. We’re having major issues with State Farm on a hail damage claim. Despite the fact that the insured has photos to prove the damage, plus hail reports indicating that there was a severe storm in the exact area where his vehicle was, State Farm is trying every tactic to keep from paying the claim. I need some advice as the repairer given my commitment to the customer, who is fully covered with comprehensive insurance.

Profiting from Customer-Pay Repairs

Afraid to make an insurance claim, many consumers are paying out-of-pocket. This trend not only presents some challenges for collision repairers, but also some opportunities.

Billing in Dollar$ Makes More Cents

No longer will you have to use (and justify) the labor hour “two-fer” ratio. Labor hours become irrelevant – and so does the insurance industry’s so-called “prevailing competitive price.”