Bob Clark, Author at BodyShop Business
Chasing the Dream: Transition from Technician to Shop Owner

Making a successful transition from technician to shop owner is possible – provided you realize that you’ll need a completely new set of skills to manage a shop.

Have You Hugged Your Air Compressor Today

The heart of any body shop is the compressed air system. Often mistreated and misunderstood, the air compressor is usually taken for granted – until it ceases to function. The cost of metal men not being able to sand and painters not being able to spray paint mounts really quickly when no one has any

Why Get Certified: ASE Certification and Profits

ASE Certification can help boost your shop’s professionalism and customer confidence — which, in turn, can help boost your shop’s profits.

The Necessary Equipment

If your shop were simply painting used cars,
you could do an adequate job with a bare minimum of equipment.
A paint gun, a random orbit sander and a masking machine would
get most of the work done. If you intend to do productive collision
repair, however, much more equipment is necessary.

Paint-Shop Smarts

To increase production in the paint shop, you can do one of two things: Buy more equipment – the object here being to do more work in the same time period by mechanizing
the task. Or, you can produce more by better utilizing your present facility and equipment – the old “work smarter not harder”
school of thought.