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Hitting Your Mark: Accurate Estimators

Writing an accurate estimate takes precision and skill. Are your estimators up to the challenge? With knowledgeable and personable estimators leading your team, your shop will win customers and score profits.

Cool Route for Creating Profits: A/C Repairs

Repairing air conditioning systems as a profit center can be quite rewarding — provided you’re quite knowledgeable when it comes to systems, environmental concerns and government regulations. Otherwise, you may be cooling your heels in an empty shop.

Got the Paint Problem Blues?

Little paint problems can cost big bucks. But instead of spending a lot of green to make sure the reds, blues, metallics and pearls come out right, listen to the advice of experts who’ve experienced — and solved — these small, but expensive, problems.

Powertrain Considerations

It’s easy to spot a dented fender, a cracked headlight or a crumpled rear decklid. But since there’s more to a collision-damaged vehicle than meets the eye, powertrain damage should be a top consideration –– if you want to ensure your customers’ vehicles get thoroughly repaired

Pinstriping Possibilities

Your techs don’t need the artistic skills of Picasso to repair or create pinstriping patterns. With a small investment in tools and supplies, they can accent customers’ vehicles — and your bottom line.

Plastic Fasteners, Clips, and Auto Body Rivets

Items such as fasteners, clips and rivets may be small, but their impact on profits can be huge. Invest in too many, and you’ll end up with stuff you’ll never use. Invest in too few, and you’ll end up not having stuff on hand that you need.

Proper Prep Work

It’s impossible to guarantee a flawless finish every time, but if your prep techs are good, they can guarantee you’ll be off to a good start.

Setting Up An Air System: Important Tips

Whether you’re buying your first air system or upgrading your existing one, remember these tips before making any purchasing or installation decisions.

Diagnosing Power-Train Damage

Ever suffer from “post traumatic tail light syndrome” — as the customer drives off in his newly repaired vehicle, you wonder if you found all the damage? To help, techs offer insight on finding elusive mechanical problems.

If You Build It…Remodeling Tips for Best Results

If you remodel your shop – and do it right – the return on your investment will be improved efficiency, increased profits and more motivated employees. Take it from these guys …

Weighing the Options: Repair or Replace?

To repair or replace shouldn’t be decided by tossing a coin or by an insurance company. If you’re unsure what to do, your best bet for success is to talk with techs who’ve been there, done that.

Wheeling In The Profits: Tire & Wheel Service

Traditionally deemed mechanical work, tire and wheel service could be the edge your shop needs to attract more customers and inflate profits.