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Taking the Chill Away: Shop Heating Systems

Before winter has your employees donning parkas and dubbing the shop “the igloo”, be sure your heating system is the right one for the job.

The Rollover Challenge

Though a rollover may look fixable, a few tell-tale signs will help you determine if you should repair it – or forget it.

Don’t Forget The Cooling System!

To ensure all damage is diagnosed in a front-end collision, technicians need to conduct a thorough inspection of the cooling system.

The Impact of Air Bags

With 60 million vehicles already equipped with air bags and more-advanced systems on the way, be prepared for repairs of these life-saving inflatables to affect your shop even more.

Electrical Troubleshooting

Whether you’re working on a vehicle just involved in a collision or repairing one with a reoccurring electrical problem, a familiarity with strategy-based diagnostic flow charts
is critical.

Clang! Buzzz… Tick, Tick, TICK!!!

Diagnosing and eliminating annoying interior noises will restore the sanity of tormented vehicle owners

Rolled Over But Not Dead: Rollovers – Friend or Foe?

The body repair and refinish industries have always applauded those shop technicians who – through diligence, skill and hard work – take complete wrecks and turn them into
show-room classics.

Computer-Assisted Alignment

Hardware-driven alignment gear has been around since the ’70s and has simplified wheel alignment quite a bit for operators.

A Crash Course on Retrofits

As a collision repair specialist, air-conditioning service is part of your job. When your customers bring in their cars for repairs, you want to offer them all the services required.

Starting Over

Russ Manley and his father, Ron, have run Manley and Son Auto Body and Paint in Forsyth, Mo., for 34 years. In the early years, custom work was the bread and butter for the shop, but because of poor work conditions, paint jobs that went wrong were as prevalent as the ones that went right.

Waterlogged: Submerged Vehicles

Repair of water-damaged vehicles is done daily across the United States, which makes it quite possible that your shop may someday be – if it hasn’t already been – involved in
estimating, and possibly the salvage and restoration, of a vehicle that’s been submerged in water.

Working on Alternate Vehicles: Some Solutions

Check out the following technical trouble spots and tips.