Bob Smith, Author at BodyShop Business
Which States Outlaw Paint Capping?

Is paint capping against the law in all states or just some? If so, which ones?

State Farm PartsTrader: Is There a Snake in the Grass?

What I see at the moment is the single benefit of helping State Farm save dollars on parts expenditures. Should this be done at the expense of an industry that’s stretched thin as it is?

Steering: The Good and the Bad

When a car is snatched away from us, we call it
steering. When a car is steered to us from another shop, we call it a referral. Some would argue, then, that steering isn’t all bad. But what everyone agrees is bad is “deceptive referral.”

Is Registering Body Shops with the Department of Transportation a Good Idea? No.

While I do believe we need a better system of coordinating the true number of collision repair facilities out there and ensuring that they’ve all achieved the proper education and compliance, I also believe that national registration with the DOT has unfortunately not just run late but completely missed the airplane.

Used Suspensions and Remanufactured Wheels

Dye checking and magnafluxing are essential procedures for ensuring the integrity of used suspension parts and remanufactured wheels. And you can charge for this testing, too.

Repairers, Not Insurers, Responsible for Honest Estimates

Wouldn’t you know it? As soon as I posted a comment on fraud online recently, I got a call from a source in the Midwest who told me he had a conversation with an adjuster who said, “My supervisor told me from now on that if a repair is not scheduled, we are not to

Can This Salvage Law Be Salvaged?

Before rubber-stamping Missouri’s much-touted salvage law as model legislation, we need to examine how it’s established a benchmark for insurers that didn’t exist before — and costing shops business.