Bob Winfrey, Author at BodyShop Business
Work Off Your Own Estimate

I remember 20 years ago when a wreck would be driven in or towed in and we would let the insurance company write the estimate, putting “repair as per insurance estimate” on the work order. Then, we would order the parts and fix the car. There might even have been an occasional phone call made

Used Airbags Should Be Deflated

OEMs don’t recommend using recycled or used airbags. And you assume all liability. With those things in mind, I can’t in good conscience use them myself.

Reader’s Choice – Used Parts: Structurally Proper Repair?

“Is putting on a used part (e.g. quarter panel) considered a structurally proper repair when only the outer skin needs to be replaced?”
— Gary Atherton, general manager, Devoe Collision Center, Naples, Fla.

How Far Should You Go to Keep Your DRP?

Even mega shops are starting to feel the pain from being on DRPs. As they say, give away the farm and eventually you may not have one left.

Damage Analysis for Dollars

Body shops consistently overlook ‘damage analysis’ as a profit center, but this service is definitely not free and should be charged for.

Charge for Paint and Materials

Our suppliers don’t hesitate to raise prices or add “fuel surcharges” to compensate for increasing expenses. It’s time we shop owners do the same. Insurance companies pay $22 to $25 per hour for paint and materials in our area, and these rates have been basically the same for the past seven years. We all know