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Unique Spot Welding Technology

Celette’s MIDIspot VISION enables  automatic spot welding and precise measurement. It has reproducible welding quality and documentation welding parameters. The system includes a transformer C-gun with four water-cooled electrode arms, trolley, gun supporter and re-cooling unit. Visit

Clean, Dry, Oil-Free Air

The new QC3 Air Filtration System is efficient and produces clean, dry and oil-free air for paint applications and service outlets. The quick-change bowl with inlet air valve accommodates rapid, trouble-free maintenance without shutting off main shop air. The quick-change, 3-in-1 cartridge with larger filter media provides longer life than disposable dryers. Visit 

Remove Fine Sanding Marks

Farécla’s G3 Production Compound is the world’s leading general use liquid compound, setting a benchmark standard in surface finishing. The easy to use, one step system provides a rapid cutting action with a water-based, diminishing abrasive formula that quickly and permanently removes P1500 or finer sanding marks from all modern refinish paint systems. 

Non-Hazardous Gun Cleaner

The Bonny Marlin is a zero-hazardous waste, non-hazard- ous paint gun cleaning and recycling system that uses an EPA-recognized, non-hazardous solution to clean waterborne and solventborne paints. The cleaning solution is used over and over. Lacquer thinner and electric recyclers aren’t needed. Visit

Hydraulic, Pneumatic and HVAC Needs

Martin’s single-end flare nut wrenches are used for hydraulic, pneumatic and HVAC applications and feature a 7-degree, 12- point opening. The 12-point hex open box slips over the line and onto the fitting.  More contact means less chance of slipping, and the wrenches also work well in tight quarters. The wrenches are available in 16

Refinish System for Value-Conscious Shops

The Wanda re- finish system for value-conscious shops brings basecoat color, clearcoat and hardener together in one “Smart Pack.” For a trial offer,  visit

Superior Adhesion and Structurally Sound Repair

Why inventory two resins when ALL-RESIN Polyester-Hybrid Repair Resin is all you need? With advanced formulation technology, it delivers superior adhesion and a structurally sound, worry-tree repair. The thick, non-sag formula provides better vertical hold for side panel and truck repairs and the quick cure delivers a tack-free finish that easily sands without clogging your

Restoration Help

Roller Hoop is a body rotisserie that allows you to be more efficient with a restoration project. It suspends the body shell so you can spin it over. Two steel hoops ride on base units that have a foot-operated brake at each corner to lock and hold in any position while you perform necessary repairs.

Camouflage Adhesive

A permanent adhesive for camouflage material in  Ad- vantage, Mossy Oak, Realtree and Natgear patterns is now available at a lower price. Also highly recommended is the Camoclad line printed with 3M controltac.  It provides years of service yet can be removed at the time of trade-in with no damage to the vehicle. Call (800)

Altima Head Lamp

The DEPO OE replacement Altima ’07-’08 head lamp meets the applicable safety requirements of SAE/DOT and the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard. Also, the lamp is test-fitted for precise fit meet. Visit

Ultra Comfort and Protection

The polyester and carbon fiber threads of Trimaco’s Spray Suit Ultra deliver superior anti-static control, Trimaco says. The  breathable, lightweight material and fuller fit of this spray suit provide comfort, so you can focus on the job at hand. E-mail [email protected] or visit

Top Quality Brakes

Subaru of America offers genuine Subaru body and re- placement parts that Subaru says fit perfectly every time. Imprecise stamping molds of aftermarket parts may cause installers to force a fit, which could cause the part to bow, bend or simply not line up. Subaru’s distribution network allows our Subaru N.E.W. Horizons wholesaling dealers to