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Quote Roundup

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Examining Materials and Paint Profitability

Why do some shops boast high paint and materials gross-profit percentages, while others just hope to break even? So often I meet with clients and shop owners and the discussion quickly turns to paint and materials costs and then their profitability (or lack of it). Sometimes, the “first liar never has a chance,” and sometimes

How NOT to Repel Women

Make a good first impression and then treat them right.

2003 Industry Profile

Movie Cars Go Head To Head

What’s Diminished Value Mean To You

As contentious an issue as diminished value (DV) has become in the insurance and repair industries, there’s a quiet revolution taking place in the claims business. Once limited to the owners of exotic cars, DV is now a phrase on the lips of ordinary people with damaged grocery-go-getters. And this flood of inquiries to claims

Would You Join a DRP Like Progressive’s Concierge Program?

mad or they might shut you down. We’d be a part of the insurance industry, not the auto collision industry. If all insurers went with this type of program, it would destroy our industry as we know it. My mother said change is good, but in this case, I’m not sure it’s good at all.

4 Generations of Millers

4 Generations of Millers

2003 Industry Profile

Today’s Shop Owner The Market Purchases and Expenditures Insurer/Repairer Relations People and Paychecks Shop Operations

Smart Strategies to Boost Production

Well, Alison, this is a loaded question. We can approach this from so many different directions, and I believe most of them would be a matter of opinion. We could address different types of production setups – like inline, fast repair and assembly line, technician combination work bays and team cells, to use a few

I’ve Got Something You Want: the Barter System

Shop owners are using the barter system to turn their down time into a way to accumulate trade dollars and attract new business. Just because you’re short on cash doesn’t mean you have to go without. More and more body shop owners are turning to bartering – and finding that it can be good for

State Steering Regulations

Alabama None Alaska A claimant may not be required to travel unreasonably either to inspect a replacement motor vehicle, obtain a repair estimate, or have the motor vehicle repaired at a specific facility. If a person adjusting or settling a claim elects to have repaired a claimant’s motor vehicle and chooses a specific facility for