Eileen Benedict, Author at BodyShop Business
In Court with State Farm

The trial against State Farm for its usage of aftermarket crash parts is underway. Since you can’t be there in the courtroom, we’re doing the next best thing: bringing the courtroom to you.

Court is Now in Session: State Farm Aftermarket trial in Illinois

r what verdict the jury turns in, their decision is bound to somehow — whether negatively or positively — affect the collision repair industry.

Expert Advice: Growing or Selling Your Business

Whether you want to grow your business or sell your business, it’s wise to follow in the footsteps of shop owners who’ve gone where you’d like to go.

Make Room For Elbow Room: Clutter & Organizing Space

Removing clutter and organizing space is an inexpensive way to better utilize your shop’s layout — and to increase shop productivity.

The Spanish Experience: Spain’s Collision Repairers

Like bulls in a bullfight, Spanish collision repairers struggle to stay alive. But, as their country and their country’s way of doing business changes, they’ll need to assume the role of matador if they wish to take charge and survive.

Championing Ideals

Caring about customers and employees pays off!

Without a Glitch

To be profitable, a body shop needs to operate efficiently. And many shop owners – when considering how to obtain optimum efficiency – incorrectly concentrate all their efforts on revamping their shop layout and design. While these are important – as is equipment placement – their being overhauled typically isn’t going to turnaround a struggling

Under Construction: Remodeling for Optimization

Three shop owners remodeled to optimize their operations. Was it worth the cost and aggravation? Absolutely

Blueprint Boo-boos: Dilemmas to Consider

It takes more than a bandage to heal a sick shop layout. To avoid hassles later, consider these four common design dilemmas.

Rains, Planes and Dames

Name: J&L Auto Body Location: Summerville, S.C. Owners: John and Linda Disher Established: 1981 Square Footage: 10,000 Number of Employees: Nine Repair Volume: 12 cars per week (collision) Average Repair Ticket: $2,000 September 1989: The winds picked up. The heavy rains came. The ocean went crazy. Wreaking havoc on lives and properties, Hurricane Hugo stormed

Multiple Shops, Multiplied Profits

Name: Alamo Body & Paint, Inc. Location: San Antonio, Texas Owners: Wayne Baker Established: 1973 Square Footage: 80,500 (total of three locations) Number of Employees: 152 (total of three locations) Repair Volume: 1,150 cars per month (total of three locations) Average Repair Ticket: $1,300 They say everything’s bigger in Texas. Take Alamo, for instance. (No,

Singin’ the Blues in Montana: Blue Body Paint

Name: Blue Body & Paint Location: Billings, Mont. Owner: Delane Langton Established: 1989 Square Footage: 4,320 Number of Employees: Two Repair Volume: 10 per month (collision) Average Repair Ticket: $2,000 Delane Langton has the blues. It’s not that he’s sad … it’s just that, well … he likes the color! All of his cars are