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Car Mending On A Mega Scale

Name: Chesrown Collision Center Location: Denver, Colo. Owner: The Chesrown Automotive Group and Republic Auto Nation Group Established: 1987 Square Footage: 60,000 (total); 20,000 (body shop and mechanical shop) Number of Employees: 63 (total); 27 (body and paint) Repair Volume: 350 cars per month (collision only) Average Repair Ticket: $2,000 (collision) Ever wonder what it’d

A History of Success and Change

The time: 1894. The place: Boston, Mass. The body shop: Fitzpatrick Brothers.

Get More Green from Your Yellow

Most body shops advertise in the Yellow Pages, and many of those shop owners renew their ads every year, leaving well enough alone.

Ask the Executives

There’s no better place to go for advice than to those who’ve reached the top. To help you climb your ladder of success, we asked Clark Plucinski and Russell Verona – both industry leaders and BodyShop Business Executives of the Year – questions ranging
from productivity to customer relations to future trends:

Hand Health

Your hands are your most important asset. Without them, you wouldn’t have a job because you couldn’t do your job

Simply Success: Richard Cossette

Name: Lehman’s Garage, Inc. Location: Minneapolis, Minn. Owner: Richard Cossette Established: 1917 Square Footage: 66,000 (four shops) Number of Employees: 85 (four shops) Repair Volume: 907 cars per month (four shops) Average Repair Cost: $1,400 Success. It means different things to different people, but one belief is often associated with it – it’s difficult to

Keeping the Towel

Small-Shop Burdens…..and a Turnaround!

The Power Of Perception

It’s been said that the way people are dressed or how they look will make a difference with how they’re treated.

Coming Up Corvettes

Name: Jerry’s Custom Paint & Collision Center Location: Gresham, Ore. Owners: Jerry and Lori Geiszler Established: 1979 Square Footage: 10,000 Number of Employees: Nine Repair Volume: 60 cars per month (25 percent restoration) Average Repair Cost: $2,000 – collision $12,000 to $15,000 – body and paint restoration Jerry Geiszler has restored so many "American Dream

Seeds of Success: Redfield Collision Center

Name: Redfield Collision Center Location: Festus, Mo. Owner: Greg Redfield Established: 1976 Square Footage: 18,200 Number of Employees: 27 Repair Volume: 116 cars per month Average Repair Cost: $1,640 The first Harley-Davidson motorcycle was made entirely by hand by four men in a backyard shed. Although it started out simple, the now-mass-produced Iron Horse ended

The Tale of One Shop Continues…

…..with Paul and Teresa Slate

Creative Recruitment

Your right arm. How important is it to you? An independent body shop owner recently said he would give his to find one good technician. If people are willing to give up body parts, you know things are bad!