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Bringing Home the Gold: Betty Coon

The first woman to pass the I-CAR Automotive MIG Welding Qualification Exam.

Productivity Feeds Growth: Zara’s Collision Center

Ahhhh! The smell of a smoldering steak … The air is filled with its spicy aroma … You’re getting hungry, very hungry, aren’t you? This isn’t the description of a favorite restaurant or a backyard feast, but instead, of a once-a-month lunch at Zara’s Collision Center in Springfield, Ill.

Think BIG

The honeymoon was definitely over when Darryl "The Moose" Johnson returned to a demolished home. The Dallas Cowboys fullback, while vacationing with his bride, was having a tree removed from his yard. Taking the tree out in sections, a 195,000-pound crane picked up a hunk too large to hold, swung to the center of the