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Steered Clear

Steering comes in many forms – some illegal and some legal.


Tired of party guests asking you to change the subject when you start talking shop? Never fear. At this industry Web site, chatting about collision repair is the name of the game.

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Signs of the Times: Mooresville Paint & Amp Bodyshop

Since this father-daughter team began posting attention-grabbing signs in front of their shop, they’ve educated passing drivers and increased business. “Crooked and Corrupt Insurance Adjusters Not Welcome In This Shop.” If you drove past Mooresville Paint & Bodyshop in Mooresville, Ind., last September, that’s the sign you would’ve seen in front of the facility. It


By now most of you probably realize you need to comply with EPA regulations to keep you and your body shop out of trouble. And though not everyone is gallantly fighting to save the great Planet Earth from turmoil (those of you who are, however, keep up the good work), almost all of you are

Is That a Carrot In Your Fuel Tank?

What’s 3 feet high, runs off fermented kitchen and garden products, and can go from 0 to 60 in six seconds? No it’s not the neighbor’s dog that habitually goes through your trash can late at night and chases after cars during the day. It’s the Advantage R1, the world’s first sports car to run on rotting vegetables.

Yes, I Do Own the Road

Accustomed to California driving.

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Requirements: www.epa.gov/clearinghouse

Tired of getting dizzy when you think of all the environmental regulations that affect your body shop? Set yourself straight by visiting this Web site. As responsible members of the collision repair industry, all of you want to cut down on pollution. (Or, at the very least, keep the authorities off your back). That’s not

Hardware and Hard Hits: The Body Shop at Sears Roebuck and Co.

Shop Name: The Body Shop at Sears Location: Hicksville, Long Island President: Bill Rich Established: February 1995 Square Footage: 10,000 square feet Number of Employees: 15 Average Repair Volume: 80 cars per month Average Repair Ticket: $4,000 When you think of Sears, what comes to mind? Seeing the innocent child-like glow on your dad’s face

Peace, Love and Hemp-Fueled Cars

As the energy crisis goes strong and concern over pollution and global warming continues, fuel alternatives have become a hot topic. How alternative? As you read this, Amy Wells, Grayson Sigler and Kellie Ogilvie took a cross-continental road trip in a Mercedes Benz wagon running off hemp oil.

Grease Up and Go: Alternative Fuel

Ever wonder what to do with the leftover bacon grease from Saturday morning breakfast? Ever considered using it as fuel for your Fiat? It’s not as far-fetched as it sounds.

www.cieca.com: the Collision Industry Electronic Commerce Association

As technology improves, service providers (this means you) will have to advance technologically to satisfy customers. Are you ready for the future of electronic commerce? Visit the CIECA Web site to help move your shop into the 21st century.