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Frank Terlep

Frank Terlep has worked for more than 40 years in the automotive industry and has been at the forefront of auto and collision technologies since the mid-1980s. His first technology business was launched in 1984 with a $100,000 investment from an angel investor, where he developed one of the first software applications for the automotive aftermarket industry. Since then, Terlep has helped design, develop and launch the collision industry’s first Windows-based estimating and management system, the first online parts procurement platform, the first mobile app and digital marketing platform as well as the industry’s leading remote scanning and calibration software platform. Today, Terlep is a published author of a new book, “Auto Industry Disruption: Who and What is Being Disrupted and What to Do About It,” and the CEO of Auto Techcelerators, LLC, that has developed Test Drive CoPilot (, a new platform that will change the way test drives are performed, managed and documented forever, Calibration CoPilot (, the best way to manage and document ADAS calibrations and diagnostics, and ADAS CoPilot (, the easiest and fastest way to identify and inspect vehicle ADAS and safety systems. He can be reached at [email protected]
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