Georgina Carson, Author at BodyShop Business
Do Something

“We’re losing our collective asses at the front door because we’ve quietly accepted our current situation as being beyond our control,” says a Mississippi shop owner, summing up perfectly the state of the industry and the mentality of many in it. His point? Doing something is always better than doing nothing. Take the recent change

New Year, New Opportunities

The past year was a tough one for collision repair shop owners, and the year ahead isn’t looking a whole lot easier. The good news is, if you’re reading this, you’re still in business, and there’s still time for you to make 2007 a better year than 2006. But the only way to do that

The Insurer Made Me Do It?

Historically, our industry’s associations have been about as highly regarded as government employees — and thought to work just as hard. But during the past few years, some associations — especially on the state level — have become much more active, vocal and unified, making it possible for them to actually accomplish something. But with

Repairers Take Action

“Ditching this disingenuous ad is a victory for consumers — and a better business practice for GEICO. This incident should send a message that higher standards in insurance industry dealings are appropriate and necessary.” — Connecticut State Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, after GEICO complied with his request to pull a TV ad that features actress

Examining the State of the Industry

Too many shops, not enough work, not enough profit, too much insurer involvement and not enough business expertise on the part of shop owners are all contributing to the sorry state that is the collision repair industry.

The Business of Steering

Every day, insurance companies steer vehicle owners away from shops they consider “troublesome” and toward shops they don’t. Sometimes, their steering is perfectly legal. Sometimes, it’s not. When it’s not, they’re often betting that neither the vehicle owner nor the shop owner will be knowledgeable enough of the law to know that they’re breaking it.

The Rental Runaround

At least that seems to be the thought process behind Progressive’s latest tactic. Undoubtedly the most despised insurer in the industry these days (Allstate once held the title), Progressive has clearly sunk to an all-time low: attempting to collect from body shops for what it’s calling “excessive rental.” Although repairers aren’t obligated to pay for

An Incident at the Courthouse

Eighteen years ago, this stay-at-home mom got an auto body shop in her divorce settlement. Today, the story seems funny. Back then, not so much.

On Your Terms

As of late, insurance companies have staunchly positioned themselves on the offensive, launching all sorts of new “customer-driven” programs to get them in good with the motoring/car-crashing public. Insurers being on the offensive, however, puts the repair industry on the defensive, forcing shops to react to whatever insurers throw their way. Problem is, being reactive

6% Net – 15% = Bad…Getting the Repair Plan Right

Our industry has a tough time getting the repair plan right when we have the car. Now some genius thinks that we’re going to get it right by looking at photos and that we can give back 15%? Still, I’m sure shops will be bidding like crazy — underutilization being the motivator,” says DCR Systems

Examining DRP Contracts

State Farm’s decision to move to a single Select Service direct-repair program has the collision world abuzz – so this is exactly the right time to talk about all DRPs and what a shop truly receives and incurs by joining an insurer’s repair network.

Profits: Not A 4-Letter Word: State Farm’s New Pilot Direct-Repair Program Impacting Shops

State Farm’s new pilot direct-repair program is impacting shops large, medium and small. And the bigger the shop, the bigger the hurt. Canada’s Boyd Group Income Fund — operator of Boyd Autobody & Glass and Gerber Auto Collision & Glass in the United States — recently announced that they expect to be impacted $431,555 to