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Sink or Swim: Adjuster Trainee

A local Mickey D’s manager is now a Progressive adjuster trainee," writes a Kansas repairer on Autobody Online’s discussion board. "I swear, he’s the same guy that handed me my McGriddle two weeks ago!" "AHH I get it now," writes a Michigan repairer in response. "That’s why Progressive adjusters are about three fries short of

Tricked-Out Trike Wins “What Can You HEMI” Contest

That (thing) trike got a HEMI? As a matter of fact, it does – thanks to Marcus Braun, Chrysler’s “What Can You HEMI?” grand-prize winner. Braun not only takes home a new car for his invention, but the satisfaction that his super-sized HEMI-powered tricycle – more fit for the freeway than the sidewalk – is

M2 San Ramon Shop’s Demise: It Could Be You

People with no experience in the business came in, making major changes,” says Rick Wood of Wood’s Collision (who bought the M2 San Ramon shop) about M2’s demise. “Funny isn’t it, how a lot of smart, better educated people thought they could do a better job than those of us who have been here for

Bullying the Bully: Insurers Trying to Strong-Arm Consumers

When it comes to trying to strong-arm consumers into having their car repaired at a direct-repair shop, insurers have no shame. If you survived the accident, you’re fair game. Forget the long arm of the law. It’s the strong arm of the insurance industry that no one can seem to outrun. It’s no surprise that

Legislating Quality? A Bill to Declare Aftermarket Crash Parts Equivalent To OE Crash Parts

If common sense is so common, then why do so few people have it? I see examples every day that common sense is going the way of LPs and dinosaurs, and this latest only confirms my suspicions: California legislators are actually considering Assembly Bill 1163 – a bill to declare aftermarket crash parts equivalent to

Smart Politics: Money = Attention From Politicians

“Anybody can say, ‘I’d like this law to be changed or that law to be changed,’ ” says a Virginia shop owner. “But I don’t see any politicians knocking on my door. … They do it with big insurance companies, but not me.” Well, for lack of a better word: Duh! Of course politicians aren’t

‘Managed” Repairs

“Freedom of choice just went down the toilet. Welcome to ‘managed care,’ collision-repair style,” says an Austin, Texas, shop owner about Texas Senate Bill 14 (which became law in ’03 and went into effect Dec. 2004). “The repair industry was blindsided. Nobody knew a bill like this was even being considered, let alone that it

Are You My Customer?

It’s the consumer. Always.

Reindeer Games

Many shop owners eagerly anticipate the results of State Farm’s annual labor rate survey like kids on Christmas morning.

H3: For The Alpha Male On A Budget

General Motor’s Hummer division was the best thing to happen to the alpha male since chest hair. Problem is, the original Hummer – the mammoth, military-inspired, ubermacho H1 – costs $100,000, and even the more civilian-friendly, hypermacho H2 carries a price tag of $50,000.

Shop Profile: Working Smart

Shop Name: Quality Collision Repair Inc. Location: Rockledge, Fla. Established: 1983 Square Footage: 6,642 Owners: Everette and Sandy Sharpe No. of Employees: 10 Repair Volume/No. of Cars Per Month: 60 cars per month Average Repair Cost: $1400 Shop Layout Working on his business – rather than in his business – has allowed this shop owner

Where Have All the John Waynes Gone?

There aren’t enough John Waynes out there,” says Ohio shop owner Frank Lanza. “Where did all the real men go? There just aren’t enough shop owners willing to stand up for themselves.” Where have all the John Waynes gone? Not a day goes by when I don’t hear from a repairer somewhere in the country