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Propaganda Watch

Pop quiz! Which of the following statements is true: A) If a tree falls in the woods and no one’s there to hear it hit the ground, then it didn’t make a sound. B) If your spouse has put on a few pounds but you don’t have the heart to say anything, then your spouse

Liver Up: Comments Made by Respondents to the BodyShop Business Industry Profile Survey

I’ve heard a lot of dumb things in my life (many of them are things I myself have said outloud), but recently I heard something that shot right to the top of my “Really Dumb Thing to Say” list. It now ranks at No. 3, right under: No. 1 dumb thing to say: “When you

Certifiable: Establishing IQ Prerequisites as Part of the Requirements for Earning a Driver’s License.

Most people can’t drive. Lucky for you. It keeps you in business. I, however, am a commuter – long on drive, short on patience. Just when I think I’ve seen it all, an even dumber driver comes along. Seventeen-year-olds behind the wheel with a cell phone glued to their ear and their turn signal still

DRPs: Do You or Don’t You

“I don’t DRP for any insurer that would impede my ability to do so,” says one respondent to our annual Industry Profile when asked if, as a DRP, he can still repair a vehicle to pre-accident condition.

We Have Winners

If an industry expert could answer one question for you, what would that question be? (One catch: The question has to be collision-repair related. This eliminates the chance of our receiving any more questions like, “My wife says the only way to get my attention is to stand in front of the TV set. She

It’s Not a Toy

It’s smart to assume that your collision repair customers are assuming that you’re competent.

Play Nice: repairers and insurers can improve their relationships

“All appraisers should intern in a shop for one year,” says one respondent to BodyShop Business’ annual Industry Profile regarding what should be done to enhance relations with appraisers and insurance companies. Other suggestions on how repairers and insurers can improve their relationships include: “All prices should be determined and negotiated on location at the

Here Today … Then Steered Away

Lost work due to insurer steering.

Buyer Beware

My Pontiac Fiero…

Time Is Money

Prefer aftermarket crash parts or used parts?

Which Puppy Eats People? Cycle Time

We live in an immediate gratification society. We want it fast, cheap and done right the first time. We’re so spoiled, in fact, that we get anxious at fast food drive thrus — "Fast food?" we exclaim while waiting in a line seven cars deep. "There’s nothing fast about it!" Consumer impatience is the reason

Victims of Our Own Stupidity

Has the United States gone from the “Land of Opportunity” and Americans from hard-working, responsible people to the “Land of You Owe Me a Living” and to people who are totally self-absorbed, don’t think for themselves and blame everyone else for their own poor judgment?