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Learning to Play Nice: Insurers Adress Five Repairer Complaints

Though this isn’t, by any means, an exhaustive list of complaints repairers have about insurers, these five complaints are the ones we hear most frequently.

Move It – Or Lose It

Decreasing cycle times have become a reality.

An Ordinary Guy – an Extraordinary Decision

As Clint Arndt examined the Chevy Astro van, he knew almost instantly that it hadn’t hit a deer – though that’s what the driver claimed. Arndt’s years of experience (32 to be exact) and the fact that he repairs 10 to 15 deer hits a month at Wentworth Buick in Eugene, Ore., told Arndt that something was wrong … that someone had placed deer hair into the vehicle’s headlight area to make it look like the van hit a deer.

The DRP Decision…

Are DRPs marriages made in heaven or pacts with the devil? It depends on whom you ask

Don’t Shoot the Messenger! Ohio’s Jack Lundberg

Faced with the challenge of registering Ohio’s collision repair facilties, Jack Lundberg has been called a savior by some, the devil by others. Throw in a few death threats, and you know how Lundberg feels by 10 a.m.

The ABCs on DRPs

Ever wonder just how many shops are on direct-repair programs (DRPs)? Based on BodyShop Business’ 2000 Industry Profile, 44.8 percent of respondents are. And of that 44.8 percent, 91.3 percent say they’re better off because of their DRP arrangements.

Is Your Shop the Only One

Ever been told your shop is the only one charging for that? Well … you’re not alone.

Market Profile: A Dramatic Drop in the Frequency of Auto Accidents

Does it seem like people aren’t crashing their cars as much as they used to? Ever find yourself wishing for a hailstorm or an overpopulation of deer to create chaos on the highways and bring in some business?

Purchasing Profile

As a shop owner, you know where you’re spending your money (at least you’d better), but have you ever wondered how other shop owners are spending theirs? Do they spend about the same amount of money on equipment, parts and supplies as you? Are they buying fewer aftermarket (A/M) crash parts since the State Farm

Insurer-Relations Profile

The relationship between insurance companies and collision repair shops has, historically, been much like the relationship between a dog and a fire hydrant. (If you have to ask which role shops play, the moisture in your brain has short-circuited your thinking ability!)

Pulling for You: Straightening

Straightening isn’t simply about yanking the vehicle until it pops back into shape — it’s about understanding how the vehicle reacted to the impact and what you need to do to bring it back to pre-accident condition. It requires thought — not just action.

Party Hardy! 2000 – The New Millennium

What are repairers doing to ring in the new millennium? Some are celebrating at home. Others are jetting off to exotic locales. None, that we know of, have barricaded themselves in a bomb shelter.