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Personnel Profile

About the only thing that hasn’t changed during the past year is the employee shortage. Shops are, as always, still in search of a few good techs

Purchasing Profile

Some shop owners felt pressured by insurers to make purchases, while others felt competitive pressure to keep up.

Operations Profile: Negotiation Strategies

With less jobs to choose from, some shop owners got pickier while others negotiated everything but their first born

Insurer-Related Profile: Relationships with Insurers

Some shop owners got mad, some got even and some didn’t even get mad.

The Two Faces of Japan

From ancient Shinto temples to modern-day skyscrapers, the Japanese relish technology, yet revere tradition. But with Japan’s collision repair industry changing with the times,
will the Japanese people also deviate from tradition to fight for their industry’s autonomy?

Going to the Spraybooth: Downdrafts

Ten years ago when Myra McConkey first laid eyes upon Michael McConkey, he was standing in a spraybooth – “One of those old, old ones,” she says. A crossdraft?
“Yea, a crossdraft!” – covered in paint, hair matted to his head.

The 1997 Industry Profile

That was then … On Nov. 14, 1896, Britain abolished the Red Flag Law, a crazy, crazy mandate that forced motorists to drive behind a person who waved a red flag and walked ahead of the vehicle. While arguable – and in no way based in fact – this very well could have been the

An Alliance Of Abilities: CTA

These four business owners have formed a partnership called Collision Team Automotive, Inc. (CTA)

Conquering New Heights

Successful people – whether they be plumbers, presidents, pediatricians or you – have certain traits that allow them to conquer new heights.

Criminal Cars and the Caped Crusader…Take One!

Holy high tech, Batman," says Robin, as the bad guy’s getaway car releases a slippery liquid onto the pavement. "To the Batmobile," the Caped Crusader yells over his shoulder, slipping and falling on the greasy spray, knocking himself unconscious. Robin tugs and tugs, but because Batman’s outfit is so tight, he can’t get the Batmobile