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What Types of Licenses/Permits Do I Need to Open a Body Shop?

I just opened a body shop and learned there is a certain type of license insurance companies require you to have in order to do business with them. What is it?

Getting Paid

What are the procedures I need to take from the time of write-up to vehicle completion to ensure I get paid?

The Customer Is Gone With the Vehicle, My Money and the Unpaid Deductible

A customer recently took off with her vehicle, my money and the unpaid deductible. How do I get my money? Do I need a collection agency?

Walking Away from Your Family Business

Transitioning a business from parents to kids is an emotional yet common occurrence in the collision repair industry. Planning now can save everyone a lot of headaches.

Schedule to Reduce Cycle Time

Sit back and let me tell you the story of a shop that improved its scheduling processes…and improved its cycle time.

Seven Keys to Better Cycle Time

Most of the secrets to better cycle time are simply common sense ways to avoid doing anything more than once.

Six Keys to Winning Negotiations

By adhering to these six concepts, you’ll win more times than you’ll lose when you face off with insurance adjusters.

Reader’s Choice: Parts Inventory

“We have an inventory of parts we ordered and never returned to the vendor for whatever reason. What percentage of depreciation (from price when originally purchased) is calculated into our selling of the part to the customer? Or do we just sell it for whatever we feel is reasonable?”

Reader’s Choice: Cycle Time

“Why is cycle time so important? It seems the body shop industry has changed in that insurance companies’ No. 1 focus is now cycle time.”

Why Should Body Shops Take the Profit Loss on Used Parts If We’re Forced to Use Them?

Why should we take the profit loss on used parts if we’re forced to use them? We should be able to make the same profit on used parts as we do on new parts, plus be compensated for any repairs that need to be made to them.

What Is a Good Labor Efficiency Percentage for a Body Shop?

What is a good labor efficiency percentage for a body shop for both the body side and prep/paint side?

The Secret to Great CSI

Micromanage the customer’s experience and you’ll boost your CSI scores, as well as improve customer service and retention.