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Back to Basics: Financials

Gross profit percentage, breakeven point, accrual accounting…these are all things you need to understand to get ahead and stay ahead in our rapidly changing industry.

Back to Basics: Tracking KPIs in Your Auto Body Shop

Improving production is a neverending job for the collision industry. Start by determining where you stand with cycle time, touch time and labor efficiency. Then, look for ways to eliminate the “starting and stopping” of repairs and you’ll be well on your way to a leaner you.

Back to Basics: Damage Analysis

Supplements are a waste of time. We need to learn how to write a complete repair blueprint to reduce supplements and cycle time.

BodyShop Business
Back to Basics: Selling

In a collision repair center, the most important activity is selling.

Back to Basics: Body Shop Marketing

The term ‘marketing’ is poorly understood in the collision repair industry, yet it’s the most important activity in a body shop. Here’s the true definition of it and how to maximize its effectiveness.

Negotiate Like a Pro

Improved negotiation skills can have a positive effect on virtually every aspect of your life, not the least of which is your shop’s profitability.

How to Sell Your Body Shop

So you’re thinking about selling your shop. Times are tough, and you’ve had just about enough of this crazy industry. How much is your business worth? How can you maximize its value? Read on and perhaps your retirement can be that much rosier.

Plan for Success

A football team wouldn’t walk on the field without a game plan. Why would you run your shop without a business plan?

BUSINESS FEATURE: Blueprint for Efficiency

Spending more time creating a complete and accurate damage evaluation results in more profit, faster repairs, reduced headaches and improved efficiency.

Collision Survival Guide

Business strategies for a slow market.

Sell That Job!

More often than not, your estimators don’t want to sell because they view selling as an unsavory activity. But there is a professional, effective way to go about it that could
lead to a higher close ratio.

5 Steps to a Collision Shop Marketing Plan

A marketing plan is a key component to any business’s success. It defines who we are, where we are, where we’re planning to go, how we’re going to get there and how much the journey will cost. It tells us where work is going to come from and spells out what we’re going to do