Jack Lundberg, Author at BodyShop Business
Where’s Uncle Sam When You Need Him?

Bill Johnson, body shop manager/lead tech, Beecher, Inc., Shenandoah, Iowa, asks:
“Why doesn’t the federal government mandate shop and technician
licensing by all state governments with strong enforcement to eliminate incompetent and unscrupulous shops and technicians?”


A massive segment of repairers – wallowing in yesteryear’s thinking and uninterested in learning anything new – are driving themselves out of business. Do you fit this description?

Let’s Solve the A/M Parts Issue and Move On

I recently received my copy of the May 2001 BSB and read your editorial regarding aftermarket parts [“One Billion Reasons to Be Honest,” Editor’s Notes, pg. 4] First, I want to commend your stance on the issue – namely, that consumers first be informed as to the pros and cons of aftermarket parts usage and,

A License To Repair

"Why isn’t it mandatory for all collision techs to be licensed?" — Don Marshall, manager, Fresno Chrysler/Plymouth, Fresno, Calif. The collision repair industry is the ultimate example of irony and paradox. In most (if not all) states, the damage appraiser needs a license to prove he’s capable of determining the cost and procedure of repairing