Jake Snyder, Author at BodyShop Business
Strategies to Stretch Profit Margins

Your options for increasing profit margins are limited when a vendor supplies you with the part, material or service. Instead, focus on improving the one profit margin you do have direct control over: labor.

Stop Pushing & Pulling

Put an end to pushing and pulling cars through the production process by implementing a consistent workflow through the metal department. The payoff: fast, quality repairs – the first time out.

Getting Noticed: Choosing the Best Marketing Strategy to Attract More Cars

ng local relationships and keeping their name in front of insurance claims management. When I was an Allstate adjuster, a body shop that was out of my territory had a reputation for dishonesty and tough negotiations. Management and field staff joked about how this guy was always looking to be an Allstate DRP shop and

Glass Work: Profitability

Because of the complications involved – hiring, organizing production, insurer involvement and discounts, etc. – most shops opt to outsource glass work. But is this willingness to give it away a detriment to profitability and to achieving a competitive edge?

The Incredible Shrinking Industry

After a buying spree in the late ’90s and a struggle to integrate acquired shops into a “corporate” culture, consolidators are getting back on track and preparing to grow again. But this isn’t a death sentence for all independents.

Let Your People Grow

When properly motivated and directed, employees drive the processes that result in quality, innovation, efficiency and customer satisfaction … a.k.a. your shop’s success.

There’s a Right Way … and There’s a Wrong Way

Paint-shop best practices.

Putting Our Heads Together

Want more claims dollars? Strive to standardize your business.

“You’re Going On Vacation

How to make employee vacations less stressful for you, the vacationing employee and the remainder of your staff.