Joe Palumbo, Author at BodyShop Business
Operations: Forgotten Labor Part III

Modules, used doors, power mirrors. It still ain’t the ’70s, vehicle technology has changed, and we need to get paid for it.

Technical: Tricks of the Trade

Throughout my years in this industry, I’ve purchased or fabricated some tools and perfected some techniques that have made my job easier and my cycle times shorter. Here are a few of them.

Can I Charge Insurers for Cleaning Panels Prior to Painting?

Why do I, as an auto painter of 40 years, have to face a sandblasted, tar-covered, mud-filled vehicle with no time whatsoever to treat these problems? Aren’t paint times based on clean factory panels?

Forgotten Labor Part II

Special clamps, foam, frame repair, used parts – there are lots of labor operations we perform that we have every right to charge for.