Jeff Webster, Author at BodyShop Business
Radar Sensing Technology

Radar – really? If you haven’t seen it in a crunched car yet, you’re probably overdue. Vehicles utilizing this technology invented for ships and planes are now rolling (or being towed) into shops as a result of collisions. To repair these vehicles efficiently and profitably, you need to understand the specific nuances of each manufacturer’s advanced

What’s the Deal with Steel?

HSS Steel The bodywork is made up of a number of different steels to improve fuel economy and provide optimal protection in the event of a collision. The types of steel in this section are High Strength Steel (HSS), which has a higher tensile strength and yield point than ordinary steel sheet. The yield point

Chrysler Park Assist System Service and Repair

ALLDATA gives an excerpt of OE repair information for the 2011 Chrysler 300 V6-3.6L’s park assist system.

Mystery Battery Draw Can Drain Your Productivity

A vehicle you repair that seems “good to go” can sometimes come back to haunt you with concerns that may or may not be related to the repair.