John Halstead, Author at BodyShop Business
The Reality of PBE Value-Added Services

Both PBE distributors and manufacturers offer beneficial value-added services – but there is a catch.

Eliminating Bottlenecks in the Paint Booth

The key to achieving continuous flow through the booth is to manage the prep process to match the booth cycle.

Reducing Your Paint & Materials Cost

Today’s mission is focused on how PBE distributors can help reduce P&M cost in order to improve P&M profitability and increase output.

Why Inventory Fulfillment is Job. 1 for a PBE Distributor

Product fulfillment is more than simply moving boxes. It’s a potentially complex process that requires a systematic approach and the active participation of both collision center and distributor personnel.

What Makes a Good PBE Distributor?

PBE distributors must change. Having the best products, people and service is not enough.