John D. Lyman, Sr., Author at BodyShop Business
Spot Welding

Vehicles today and the advanced metals they’re made of are making a stronger and stronger case for owning an inverter spot welder. Soon, it could be a necessary tool for all shops seeking to do OEM-recommended repairs.

Sectioning: 2010-11 Chevrolet Equinox – GMC Terrain

Identifying the various types of steels in a vehicle’s structure and their repair recommendations is crucial in today’s cars. The 2010-11 Chevy Equinox – GMC Terrain is no exception.

Repairing Suspension and Steering Post-Collision

Severe collisions can often damage suspension and steering components. Knowing how to properly repair these components is critical to returning the car to safe operation.

Diagnosing Electrical Problems Post-Collision

Diagnosing electrical problems relating to a crash can sometimes be tricky business. Understanding some of the fundamentals of electrical wiring and components can help.