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Passion and Pachysandra: Metro Toyota Scion Accident Repair Center

As I glanced at the pachysandra planted in the landscape bed just outside of the front door, I knew I was about to enter a very special place. You see, I love pachysandra, having grown up in a house that had a huge bed of it in the front yard. Not only did it make

Learn How to Treat Customers by Being One

How were the holidays for you? Did you enjoy some well-deserved time off? Eat too much? Drink too much “cheer”? Get overly annoyed with your relatives and in-laws and beat the *&%$ out of your Uncle Ed because he … oh, wait. I digress. Perhaps you visited a mall or two, or 20? Or, maybe

Wishing You the “Right” People

While criss-crossing the Ohio River recently in the passenger seat of Kenny Krause’s Moog Louisville Warehouse company car, a thought occurred to me. What a pleasure it was to be out making sales calls on customers. But, what made this particular day of sales calls so fun was the person driving the car. Kenny Krause.

The Collision Repair ‘Steel Cage Match’

Well, it’s officially two-and-a-half months now since taking over as publisher of this magnificent magazine. Eager to learn as much as I can about this industry, I’ve spent the bulk of that time traveling the country, meeting suppliers, distributors, jobbers and shop owners. By the time you read this issue, I’ll be in Las Vegas

Gas Prices Provide Opportunity for You

Perhaps it’s happening to you. Or, maybe you’re already implementing it in dealings with your customers. Or, perhaps, you’re sitting there contemplating just how you’re going to deal with it. Prices are on the rise. In many ways, and with regard to many industries, they’ve been on the rise for some time. However, it seems

Determined to Make a Difference: Jon Owens is the New Publisher of Bodyshop Business Magazine

Welcome to my tenure as publisher of BodyShop Business magazine. I must say it’s an honor to serve this tremendous industry. While I may be new to the collision repair industry, I’m a lifelong automotive aftermarketer, having spent the last 20 years of my life in various sales and marketing positions, mostly on the aftermarket

Follow March Taylor’s Example

March Taylor wanted the entire industry to benefit from his knowledge and hands-on experience