Keith Combs, Author at BodyShop Business
SUPER TECHNOLOGY ISSUE: Hybrids – It’s All About Training

The expense and time commitment necessary to get trained on hybrids is significant, but without it, you have no business repairing these vehicles.

TECH FEATURE: Power with Plasma

The plasma cutter may be mysterious to many, but its functions are undeniable, especially when it comes to cutting heat-treated alloys like boron steel.

Get Grounded: Electrical Systems

Electrical systems have changed a lot over the years, and like many things, collision repair technicians need to keep up with the latest technology to avoid getting left behind.

Understanding Airbags

Many shop personnel say ‘it’s not my job’ to know the basics about how and why airbags work. I disagree. Not only do we owe it to our customers, but we can use this knowledge to differentiate ourselves from the competition and get the job.

The “Wheel” World

Suspension alignment is critical to ride, drivability, fuel economy and, ultimately, customer satisfaction. So take the extra time and steps to evaluate a possible problem.

Inverter MIG Welders:Turn Your World Upside Down

On a mission to learn how to better repair lightweight panels, I began investigating inverter welders. And was pleasantly surprised.

Better Safe than Sorry: Safety Practices

After drinking Drano, electrocuting myself and setting the garage on fire, I was lucky I lived long enough to learn that safety practices are important.

Do you Know Watt?

I’ve seen a lot of weird electrical “incidents” during my career. (One buddy became a conductor due to his fascination with aluminum foil.) Although we don’t need to be electrical geniuses, we do need to know how to
troubleshoot and repair wiring problems.

The Making of A Migman: The Mig Welder

This little fellow isn’t just handsome – he’s also an accomplished MIG welder. And he’s about to make learning better MIG welding techniques fun.

ABSolute Basics

Anything that can be exposed to impact may be in need of repairs after a wreck – including the antilock brake system. Error!

I Spot a Time Saver: Search of the Ultimate Resistance Spot Welder

How many times have you bought a major or even a minor tool, only to realize that you didn’t really know what you were getting? Sure, you were able to get by with your purchase, but how many times did you want to kick yourself – wishing you’d researched just a little more? At our

You Want a Piece of Me: Sectioning

The term sectioning makes some of us regress into our memories to a time when we lived to cut and splice automobile bodies to such an extent that they became unrecognizable as to their original make or model. Come on, admit it, at least half of you are looking back, somewhat reverently, thinking about the