Kelly Skahan, Author at BodyShop Business
Behind the Blend

It takes more than technical know-how to create an invisible blend. Communication between customers, technicians and other shop staff is also an important ingredient. Mix them all together, and you’ve got the makings of a flawless repair.

Associations: Time to Join or a Waste of Time?

Opinions vary regarding the repair industry’s national associations, but one thing is certain: The industry has a wide range of national associations, each with differing beliefs, views and goals. Our examination of the industry’s national groups may help you decide if one coincides with your own convictions

Reaching New Heights: Separating Types of Painters

What separates the average painter from an extraordinary one? The “best of the best” pay meticulous attention to their technique, gun maintenance, gun selection – and everything else involved with painting a vehicle. In fact, the best paint techs are scientists, students, sleuths, housekeepers and dancers all rolled into one.

Becoming the Sand Man

Sanding might not be the most exciting job in the shop, but don’t underestimate its importance. It’s a craft that demands skill and attention to detail. Are you and your techs paying it enough attention?

Looking For A Few Good Women

Forget skirts! Some women enjoy donning coveralls and working in a body shop’s production area. And though you don’t see many women in technical roles — yet — opportunities abound.