Kristen Hampshire, Author at BodyShop Business
Collision Repair Stays in the Family

These families take pride in their auto body businesses and plan on keeping them in the family.

Is Your Collision Repair Facility Equipped for Aluminum Repair Demand?

With more aluminum vehicles on the road, the opportunity to perform repairs on this metal has increased substantially. What’s pulling into your lot these days? And are you prepared to service aluminum vehicles?

OE Certification: Equipment Manufacturer Perspective

The sophisticated materials and complex technology in today’s vehicles are driving more interest in certified collision repair programs and OEM recognition on the supply side.

Refinish: The Green Scene

An update on the low-VOC/waterborne product market and how collision repairers are integrating “green” into their shops.

Technical: How ‘Low’ Will Shops Go?

With regulatory activity on low-VOC/waterborne paint not progressing as expected, how has the market responded? We asked several paint manufacturers to find out.

Hitting for the Cycle

Asking the question, “Why are the cars waiting all the time?” prompted a decade of process improvement at Craftsman Auto Body in Leesburg, Va. About 10 years ago, the shop hired its first lean consultant. Paul Krauss, president and CEO of the third-generation family business, said the company was “plugging away fixing cars well, and

BodyShop Business
Ringing Up the Profits

Add-on businesses can be just the thing to give a lift to a sagging
bottom line.

Refinishes of the Present and Future

A look at the new and emerging technology in both low-VOC solvent-based and waterborne paint.

Can You Afford to Expand?

Four prominent multi-shop operators discuss how they have financed their growth and the lessons they have learned along the way.

Going Green

More and more shops are finding there is value to going green, not just because they want to be good stewards of the environment but because there’s actually money in it.